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How to Improve Your Golf Swing

Arjun Kulkarni Mar 12, 2019
A golfer needs to practice two basic shots to be good at the game, namely, the tee and the putt. It takes a lot of skill and knowledge about the way the ball moves to be able to avoid every water hazard and bunker, and get it closest to or inside the hole. Which is why, the best way to do it is to learn how to swing the right way.
Golf swing is one of the most important part of a golfer's game. Why? Because it is important that a golfer hits the ball in the right direction which gives him a head-start over his/her opponents. Hitting a golf ball long, and in the right direction, without slicing it, requires a lot of practice.

The Grip

The first thing you need to learn to get your swing right is the correct grip. Position your hands in a way that the base of the golf club just about reaches below the ball. There are three basic grips that golfers use, the overlapping, the interlocking, and the baseball grip.
The baseball grip is one of the most popular grips for beginners, where they do not interlock their hands. The grip that is comfortable is the right one for you. The grip should be firm without squeezing the club too tightly.

The Stance

A lot of people like to measure the distance between their legs by positioning a basketball between their knees. Ideally, your feet should be shoulder-width apart. When you take your stance, make sure that you put equal weight on both legs. Bend your knees slightly and loosen them.
Again, the stance should not be so rigid that it inhibits your motion. You know that little butt-waggle golfers do? It is to loosen up their lower body, so that they can take the shot properly.

The Backswing

The backswing is when the golfer takes his club behind his body, generating the momentum needed for a strong downswing. After the club has reached the highest point of the backswing, do not bring it down right away.
Hold the club in the air for a couple of seconds, make sure that your grip and stance are just fine, then bring the club on the downswing.

The Downswing

The downswing plays a key role in a good golf swing. As stated earlier, make sure that you hold the club in the air for sometime during the backswing. Bring the club down in a sweeping motion, increasing the speed as it comes down. Keep your eyes on the ball throughout. Make sure that on the downswing, you strike the ball at its base.
You're not supposed to strike the center of the ball, because that way, it won't go too high or long. Make sure that the motion hits the ball just below its imaginary axis. This will lift the ball higher and send it further. In the downswing, and while hitting, remember that the backhand gives the force, while the front hand gives the ball direction.

The Follow-Through

The follow-through is an important part to improve your swing. This is because, the follow-through can often decide the final trajectory of the ball. So, once you strike the ball, make sure that the impact doesn't shift your swing. Make sure that the ball is hit with a good, clean, and fluid motion.
Golfers spend their entire lifetimes perfecting their swing, Some golfers even have unconventional swings that work to their advantage. So, find a swing style that suits you the best and gets you the coveted hole-in-one.