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Insane Judo Throws That'll Surely Give You Goosebumps

Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi May 10, 2019
Judo is a martial art of Japanese origin that was developed in the early 19th century. Here is a list of the various judo throws.
If you are a beginner in the world of this magnificent martial art sport, start out with some basic judo throws. Throws are one of the most unsavory aspects of judo. There are two forms of basic throws:

Standing Throws

Standing throws may be used as hand, hip, foot, and leg techniques.

Sacrifice Throws

As the name indicates, the individual throws himself to avoid getting injured.
Here are some of the best judo throws according to their belts.

Dai Ikkyo (Yellow Belt)

  • De Ashi Barai
  • Hiza Guruma
  • Sasae Tsurikomi Ashi
  • Uki Goshi
  • O soto Gari
  • O Goshi

Dai Nikyo (Orange Belt)

  • Ko Soto Gari
  • Ko Uchi Gari
  • Tsurikomi Goshi
  • Koshi Guruma
  • Tai Otoshi
  • Uchi Mata

Dai Sankyo (Green Belt)

  • Ko Soto Gake
  • Tsuri Goshi
  • Yoko Otoshi
  • Hane Goshi
  • Ashi Guruma
  • Tomoe Nage
  • Kata Guruma

Dai Yonko (Blue Belt)

  • Sumi Gaeshi
  • Tani Otoshi
  • Sukui Nage
  • Hane Makikomi
  • Utsuri Goshi
  • Soto Makikomi
  • Uki Otoshi

Dai Gokyo (Brown Belt)

  • O Soto Guruma
  • Uki waza
  • Yoko Wakare
  • Yoko Guruma
  • Ushiro Goshi
  • Ura Nage
  • Sumi Otoshi
Here are some of the judo throws that have been in practice since 1895.

Habukareta Waza

  • Obi Otoshi
  • Seoi Otoshi
  • Yama Arashi
  • O Sotto Otoshi
  • Yama Arashi
  • Daki Wakare
  • Hikikomi Gaeshi
  • Tawara Gaeshi
  • Uchi Makikomi
Following are some of the newly accepted judo techniques in the world of martial arts.

Shinmeisho No Waza

  • Morote Gari
  • Kuchiki Taoshi
  • Kibisu Gaeshi
  • Uchi Mata Sukashi
  • Ippon Seoi Nage
  • Sode Tsurikomi
  • Uchi Mata Makikomi
  • Harai Makikomi
  • Kawazu gake
  • O Soto Makikomi
  • Kani Basami
  • Hane Goshi Gaeshi
  • Uchi Mata Gaeshi
  • Harai Goshi Gaeshi
  • O Soto Gaeshi
  • O Uchi Gaeshi
  • Kouchi Gaeshi
  • Tsubame Gaeshi
  • Daki Age

Famous Judo Students

  • Lucille Bell (Actor)
  • George Harris (Actor)
  • Chuck Norris (Actor)
  • Melanie Chisholm (Actor)
  • Brian Jacks (Actor)
  • Peter Sellers (Actor)
  • Azra Akin (Model)
  • Laetitia Casta (Model)
  • Guy Richie (Film Director)
  • Vladimir Putin (Former Russian President)
  • Theodore Roosevelt (U.S. President the first leader to learn judo)
Judo is a magnificent sport that helps boost the immune system and make the body flexible. Practicing judo regularly also lessens the complications of cardiovascular diseases.