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Kickboxing Moves - A Fun Way to Lose Weight Easily

Kickboxing Moves
Kickboxing moves are a combination of boxing punches and kicks, it is a very exciting sport to watch and participate. These are also used by many people to get in shape and lose excess pounds.
Indrajit Deshmukh
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2018
Kickboxing has its origins in Asia where it has been used as a form of martial arts. It is known as 'Muay Thai' in Thailand where the sport is extremely popular. The sport has found its way from underground arenas to mainstream sporting events. The movements used in kickboxing are very effective and give a full body workout. Kickboxing moves have been incorporated in many aerobics routines. These kickboxing exercises also give you a good cardiovascular workout and develop strength and stamina.
Like all other exercise routines, it is advisable to do a 5-8 minute warm up before starting your kickboxing moves. The fitness equipment you will need is a good pair of gloves, clothing that allows movement and a punching bag. This is a high intensity workout so be prepared to push yourself a little. Maintain a good diet plan and drink lot of fluids to avoid dehydration when doing cardio kickboxing workout.
Kickboxing, as the name suggests, uses a combination of kicks and punches to give you a full body workout. It is an amalgamation of martial arts and some old-fashioned boxing. The best kickboxing workout will not only improve your endurance levels but will also tone your body. Here is a list of moves for better understanding.
Punch the bag with your knuckles, keep your elbow as close to the body as you can and use your upper body momentum to add power to your jab. Kickboxing techniques warrant you to keep your arm in line with your shoulder and your wrist parallel to the ground when you jab.
Upper Cut
If you are trying out some kickboxing moves at home the upper cut is a fairly easy move to imitate. When executing an upper cut keep your hand close to your body and bring it up aiming the punch in the middle part of the punching bag. In kickboxing drills use your hips to add power to your punch.
For an effective kickboxing workout routine include the hook punch, wherein you bring your arm in an arc to hit the punching bag with full force. When you are going to use your left arm let the power come into the punch by pivoting your left hip by planting the left leg firmly in the ground.
Front Kick
If you thinking of kickboxing moves, advanced movements of the front kick is a good start. Lift your knee and point it towards the punching bag and then extend your lower leg. Strike the bag with the ball of your feet, although you won't have much momentum channel power in your kicks for this kickboxing workout discipline.
Knee Strike
It is quite easy to learn and one of the best kickboxing moves. Pull the punching bag towards your body with both hands and raise your knee to strike it with full power. You can hit the punching bag in quick succession to get a good workout, try alternating your kick with your left and right knee.
Roundhouse Kick
It can be a little difficult move to execute in the beginning but it will give you great satisfaction when you do it correct. If your left side is facing the punching bag, bend your knees, lift your leg and hit the punching bag hard with the front part of your leg.
Kickboxing moves, if executed with correct form, are the best way to tone your body and build endurance. They have been a part of many aerobic workouts for a reason, kickboxing moves are very effective when it comes to losing excess weight.
Boxer throwing jab
Kickbox girl delivering a kick
Uppercut from kickbox girl