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Learn How to Play Golf

Ranjan Shandilya Apr 10, 2019
If you are a beginner and want to learn how to play golf, then simply go through these useful tips that will help you get started.
Let us first start with the basics of the game. The game of golf is played in a huge area that is covered with grass, known as the 'golf course'. The course contains either holes or eighteen holes.
The equipment required to play the game consists of playing clubs, shoes, tees, and a golf bag to carry it all around. The main aim of the game is to hit the ball into the successive holes that are located all over the course, using a club which is either made of wood or iron.


The game starts off in the teeing area. The player places a tee straight into the ground and places the ball on top of it. Using the club, he hits the ball. The aim of the game is to get the ball into the first hole present on the course.
After the first player hits the ball, the remaining players follow and repeat all the steps. The player who has the lowest score when all the players have completed one hole starts playing the next hole first.
Like every game, golf has its own scoring system. The score of a player is the number of strokes he takes to hit the ball into every hole. The player who uses the least number of strokes wins the game.
Various difficulties are placed along the golf course, like water bodies, trees, shrubs, and sand-filled traps, that make the entire task of hitting small white balls into small sunken holes very difficult.
When a ball is in the 'hazard', the club should not touch the ground while the player is hitting the ball. The player has the option of not playing the ball. A penalty stroke is added to the score and the ball is moved back to the original spot from where it was hit.
Another common cause of worry in the game is not being able to find the ball after it has been hit. A ball is considered to be lost if it is not found within 5 minutes after it has been hit. In such cases, the ball is considered as lost, a penalty stroke is added to the player's score, and the player has to replay the shot.


The most common variation in the game is the stance of the player while hitting the ball. The usual stance is where a player stands with his feet slightly apart and the knees slightly bent.
He holds the club very firmly in his hands, one hand above the other. The body is turned slightly at the waist along the hips. The player swings back the club and then swings it forward with a controlled force, continuing the swing out to the other side of the body.
A shot is considered to be successful if it travels a great distance. A low shot is used if the ball is relatively close to the hole.

Golf Clubs

As you are just beginning with the game, it would make more sense to either buy used clubs or hire clubs. Brand new 'branded' clubs can be an expensive affair, and you should ensure that you have actually developed a deep passion for the game before making such an investment.
If you are planning on renting out the clubs, then the shortest iron (nine iron) or wedge is the best club that you will need to start out.
However, if you do decide that you need to own your own set of clubs, then get a half set. This consists of five irons along with two wood clubs and a putter. And, if you do decide to go all the way, make sure that you go to a good sports store to get authentic branded clubs.
As with any other game, only practice will make you perfect. Tune into the PGA/LPGA competitions regularly and you will further be able to pick up tips from the best players in the world. Develop a stroke that works for you, along with a little patience, and may be, one day you will have the confidence to challenge Tiger Woods in a game of golf!