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Lifting Workouts for Baseball

Nicks J Nov 22, 2018
Lifting workouts for baseball, a prerequisite to play this game effectively, include pull-ups, deadlifts, barbell squats, and bench press.
To become a successful baseball player, shoulder and forearm strength is crucial. Striking the ball hard and then running as fast as possible to complete a home run is no joke and requires a great deal of preparation.
There are quite a few exercises that can help you to prepare well for this sport. Following are the lifting workouts that help to tone up the arm muscles, thereby enhancing your performance and allowing you to finish the game without getting exhausted.


This exercise involves lifting your body weight using a fixed bar. Pull-ups provide an inexpensive way to promote muscle growth in your arms and the back. This is a strength training exercise, especially useful for baseball players.
To start this exercise, hold a pull-up bar firmly with your palms facing the wall in front of you. Now, pull yourself in the upward direction, till your chin is well above the bar.
The exercise helps to strengthen your shoulders and arms immensely, which is essential for any sports player. A doorway pull-up bar that is at an arm's length above the head, can work wonders to gain upper body strength.


Deadlifts are an integral part of a baseball strength training program. For natural muscle-building of the thigh, abs, and arms, necessary for baseball players, performing deadlifts are a good option.
Perform this exercise regularly to build and strengthen multiple muscle groups and improve overall posture. This power lifting exercise involves bending the back and grasping a barbell placed on the ground and then lifting it till you come to your normal erect position.

Barbell Squats

Performing barbell squats regularly allows baseball players to add a considerable amount of muscle mass to their body. This is one exercise that not only strengthens the leg muscles, but also ensures overall muscle growth.
Initially, this exercise can be a bit difficult as it involves lifting a barbell and placing it over the shoulders. But, by practicing it everyday, you will feel less uncomfortable and find it easy to handle the weight.

Bench Press

This is one lifting workout often recommended for upper body strength. However, it has to be performed correctly to avoid any shoulder injuries.
To start this exercise, you need to lie on your back. Now, hold a barbell with both hands and then lower it until the barbell just touches your chest. In the next step, you have to lift it, until your elbows become straight. Repeat this a number of times, as long as you are comfortable doing it.
Although these exercises are necessary to improve your game, pulling heavy weights that put excessive strain on your arms, shoulders, or legs is not advisable. This could actually tear the muscles and cause unbearable pain.
A moderate lifting regimen will ensure that you do not injure yourself, as well as get in good shape to perform consistently at any level, in any sport.