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Like a Champ: How to Train Like an Elite Athlete

Matt Thompson Nov 15, 2019
In the world of sports, top athletes compete to win and gain recognition. These elite athletes often display amazing human feats that are enough to dazzle crowds. Athletes like Lebron James can soar high and go for a monstrous dunk. Tennis Player Rafael Nadal has a wicked backhand that’s very powerful.
Can an average person do such things? The answer is yes, and no. If you’re a natural-born athlete, complete with all the athleticism and strength, then you can easily imitate a dunk from the NBA’s high flyers. If you’re a normal average person like most of us, then you might not be able to deliver a punch like a world boxing champion.
The point is, an elite athlete is both born and made. The pros mentioned here are gifted people who developed their skills through rigorous training, dedication, and pure athleticism. As an average jane or john doe, you might be asking if we can at least catch up to an elite athlete’s fitness. The answer is a resounding yes.
Yes, you can train hard and be fit like an athlete. If you’re willing to go the extra mile, then you can learn the basics of a sport, and use your fitness to improve yourself in that sport. So how does one achieve such a feat? Here are some tips to help you get started on proper sports training.

Expert Advice

Before lifting weights, running laps, going for specialized diets, or doing anything else for that matter, always consult the advice of a professional. First off, you have to know the current status of your health. A visit with your doctor can enable you to see what’s wrong and how much work you can safely do when training.
You might not know it, but you may have a recurring injury that can aggravate when you do strenuous work. Going to the doctor prevents that and prioritizes your injury’s recovery before you do train and exercise.
A diet expert can also advise you on what to eat and what to avoid to achieve your goals. Most reviews online have the name of the supplement readily available. A review like a body fortress whey protein review can give you an idea of what a body fortress whey is and how it can help you in the long run.
If you decide to go to the gym, then a gym instructor can help. He or she can help you exercise safely. They can also help you monitor your progress so you’ll be able to concentrate more on your training sessions.

Working Out

The one thing that most athletes have in common is their health. When you’re an elite athlete, you have to be in tip-top shape. You can’t expect yourself to perform at a high level if you’re not healthy enough.
Your workouts should not focus on just one area of your body. This belief and mindset are some of the most common mistakes people make when working out. To increase your health faster and to avoid injuries, it’s better to train your whole body.


It’s a fact that athletes should always perform at a high level. Doing amazing feats for extended periods calls for efficient blood supply to all the parts of your body, including your brain. Cardio is the ability of the body to deliver ample blood and oxygen supply to the body under stress.
Sure, an average person can run a short distance without a problem. But how about making a track longer? A person with poor or even average cardio wouldn’t be able to finish that track. Most of the time, athletes with good cardio emerge as the victors in a match.
In a sport such as boxing or MMA, cardio is one of the most critical skills a fighter should have. One of the best reasons why Manny Pacquiao wins his fights is because he has excellent cardio training.Layers
Aside from his speed and raw punching power, having amazing cardio enables Manny to outlast opponents in the ring. This fact is the reason why he’s the only person to capture eight significant championships in eight different weight classes.

Strength and Conditioning

Aside from cardio, strength, and conditioning are vital to an elite athlete when playing their sport. Without a proper strength and conditioning program, an athlete won’t be able to sustain, and may ultimately develop injuries that can prevent them from playing the sport.
Some might say that they can shoot a basketball or perform strong tennis backhands smoothly. However, can they do it on a nightly basis? Shooting a basketball or doing a backhand can put stress on your arms, shoulders, and fingers. They might be able to shoot one, two, or even ten shots now, but can they do a hundred without injuring their arms?

Eat and Sleep

Of course, every training program involves a strict diet and rest periods. Eating is vital to fuel the body. In sports, the body continually uses energy; that’s why it’s essential to keep eating healthy food. Believe it or not, there are some kinds of foods that can deplete an athlete’s energy.
Sugary eats like cakes, high sodium junk food, and caffeinated drinks might feel good at first, but as a sport is going on, the carbs and sugar from these foods make a person feel groggy. Instead of going for processed food, go for healthier options such as green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits high in vitamins, and lean meat.
Resting is just as crucial as eating right. A proper training regimen always includes a reasonable rest period. Sleep is vital for the body to recover the damages it receives from training. Not only does it help the body improve, sleep also helps the body build up muscle mass.
If you persist and go on without resting, working out tired will only reverse your efforts. Instead of building mass, sleep deprivation can actually shrink muscles and increase your blood pressure, making workouts and sports more dangerous.

Know Your Sport

Now that you’ve trained yourself to become healthy and fit like an athlete, it’s time to get to know your sport. Seeking a personal trainer whose adept at these sports is a good idea. For one, they have more knowledge than you when it comes to that particular sport.
These trainers also have specialized training sessions that center around a specific discipline in a sport. For example, Freddie Roach is a legendary boxing coach that produces world champions. His particular expertise is power, proper angling, footspeed, and agility. Of course, you might not be able to afford his services.
You can also watch sports and see how the athletes move. In basketball, you can see how a particular player handles and shoots a ball. From there, you can pattern yourself on that athlete base your movements to theirs. Just make sure that you’re not going over your limits.