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Different Styles of Martial Arts

Different Styles of Martial Arts

There are numerous styles and methods of martial arts, and all are unique in their own way. This SportsAspire post tells you about the different styles of martial arts so that you can select one according to your interests.
Shashank Nakate
"Martial arts is not about fighting; it's about building character."
― Bo Bennett

Martial arts is the various methods of combat which incorporate different techniques and codified practices. Defending oneself from physical threat is the main purpose behind learning a martial art.
Different martial arts use different techniques and moves for the purpose of self-defense. Different parts of the world have their own special combat technique and style. Generally, most moves or techniques are categorized as 'striking' or 'grappling' moves. The common striking methods are punching and kicking, while elbows and knees could also be used for the same. Grappling includes different pinning techniques, submission holds, and throwing.
Martial Arts Styles
The differences in martial arts styles can be studied with the help of the moves and the weapons that are used.
  • Japanese: Most of the Japanese and Korean martial arts use unarmed self-defense techniques. However, swordsmanship in Japan included various styles like Kenjutsu, Battojutsu, Naginatajutsu, etc. The single-edged Katana swords from Japan are famous. Sumo-wrestling gives importance to maintaining the balance of the body.
  • Indian: The Indian form of wrestling known as Malla-Yuddha orPehelwani, are inclined towards testing the flexibility and muscular strength of the body.
  • Chinese: The Chinese martial arts consist of many different fighting styles classified under the popular style known as Kung-Fu. One of the parameters with which the Chinese martial arts are classified is geography. The northern and southern style include many sub-types of these martial arts. The northern styles lay more emphasis on acrobatic movements and leg work. Short powerful movements and low stable stances are the main features of the southern styles.
  • Boxing: Boxing was a popular form of martial art in the European and Mediterranean region.
  • Capoeira: Capoeira, a martial art which originated in Brazil, gives importance to the development of endurance and flexibility. Elbow strikes, kicks, hand strikes, cartwheels, head butts, and sweeps are the features of Capoeira.
  • Obnu Bilate: Obnu Bilate, an African martial art has its origin in South Africa. It was created by Nat Whylch in the 1960s by combining 'Obnu,' a martial art practiced in southern Botswana and northern South Africa with the French martial art 'Savate'. The 'Obnu Bilate' uses grappling, striking, and sword fighting techniques.
Importance of Martial Arts
It is difficult to prepare an exhaustive martial arts styles list due to the large number of martial arts and their variations. However, it is broadly classified into African, Asian, American, Caribbean, European, Oceanian, Scandinavian, and Near Eastern martial arts. The different styles are played in the form of martial sports. The different types and styles help in working out and exercising of different body parts. There are many health benefits of martial arts. One should take up that martial art which suits him/her appropriately.

The reason for learning a martial art should be to stay fit and also as a tool of self-defense. Be sure with the style that you go for before you take up learning one.
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