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Over the Top Golf Swing

5 Essential Tips to Overcome the Over the Top Golf Swing

The over the top golf swing is one of the faults that golf players usually encounter. This write-up will tell you how to get rid of this annoying flaw.
Medha Godbole
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
Not being able to get that perfect ten of a golf swing? Is that the reason you are dreading the putting greens? Let me guess. Is an over the top golf swing the root cause of your frustration? Although it is not a major technical fault, it still has to be rectified, as it can lead a golfer to be labeled as a duffer. Here's what you need to do.
Improving You Swing
This golf swing involves the premature movement of the upper body, prior to the lower body in the downswing. What happens is that, the upper body literally gets a bit ahead of the lower body. This leads to an 'outside to in' golf swing. This basically happens because the golfer either takes the club away too flat or inside the plane of the swing. It also happens in case too much weight on the left at the top of the back swing is exerted, or the swing arc is too narrow. Finally, if the club face is too open at the top, it can lead to this problem.
Tip 1
Improving rotational flexibility is one of the basic things, which if worked upon, can help solve this problem. A restricted backswing has to be corrected to prevent the upper body from getting ahead of the lower body. What happens is, when you cannot make a full swing, you stop short. You get signals from your brain for turning down with your arms.
Tip 2
Another thing which will help you get rid of this flaw is making sure that you swing slowly from the top. If you are doing something like 'one-two' while you swing, probably, you can consider changing your rhythm to 'one and two'. Here, the 'and' is an indicator of slowing down of the ever-important move. This almost gives you a pause at the top of the swing. Now, this pause will give you the chance to find correct line, sans the speed to take it over or past the line.
Tip 3
Dropping your arms in the process of the downswing is a viable solution for sorting out this problem. Try this out the next time you encounter this issue.
Tip 4
Facing in the direction of the target and addressing yourself to the target is a good option to try out. Let your back be straight, but bend your body from the hip. Your head should be at the correct position and level in the process of the backswing. This will not only help you rectify this problem, but also improve your overall swing.
Tip 5
When you start your backswing, keep the back of the golf club straight. The left shoulder, ideally, should be positioned below the chin by way of maintaining your head level. At this juncture, there has to be a maximum cork on your backswing. The downswing needs to begin by transferring the weight on the left side. Simultaneously, do not force the swing. The momentum will do its work. Just guide the hands to follow through the swing.
Notice how close your left arm is to your body throughout the swing, to get a confirmation. If the left arm goes away from your body, consider that your swing is going over the top. Now, when you know this is the problem, it becomes easier to sort it out, right?
Last, but not least, strengthening the core muscles which are needed for separation in your downswing is what you can do to deal with this problem. That is only if you have weak core muscles. This is because, in case they are weak, they would not be able to maintain the adequate separation required in your downswing. Practice, practice, practice, and practice! All the best!
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