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Prescription Shooting Glasses

Deepa Kartha Apr 20, 2019
Do you face problems while practicing shooting using your normal spectacles? If this rings true in your case, it would be beneficial for you to try using prescribed shooting glasses.
Specialized shooting glasses are not only a must for people who indulge in shooting as a career, but also for those who take up this sport as a pass time. They are necessary to protect the eyes from sun, dust, and other flying objects.
However, if you have an eye problem, plain shooting glasses would not be sufficient. Rather, you would have to go for prescribed glasses that gives you the benefits of normal shooting glasses, and also clear eyesight.

Lens Material

These glasses are available in three kinds of materials, namely CR 39 plastic, crown glass, and polycarbonate. Though the last one is more expensive than CR 39 plastic and crown glass, it is the best amongst the three.
It would be really beneficial to choose lenses made of polycarbonate, because they are highly durable, and have a higher impact resistance. They also give good protection coverage to the eyes from UV rays than the other two, which provide very less, and sometimes, no UV protection at all.
Polycarbonate lenses are said to be the best because they are lightweight and long-lasting, as compared to their plastic counterparts. Polycarbonate is also used in the automobile industry to make bullet resistant windows and windshields. Another characteristic that makes polycarbonate glass superior from the rest is that they are highly scratch resistant.

Lens Color

There are a wide variety of colors available in these lenses. However, your choice of the lens color should match the type of lighting present during the time of shooting.
Smoke or Gray: Gray is the most common and popular color. Its best advantage is that you would not face a change in color perception, but would be saved from the glare in your eyes, while shooting in bright sunlight.
Yellow or Orange: These lenses are mostly used during hazy or overcast days. Popularly known as 'driving lenses', they are believed to enhance the sharpness of vision. They are also good in blocking blue light.
Other color options include purple-vermilion and amber brown lens tints. You can also go for transition glasses, which adjust their color perception as per the lighting conditions.
If you are shooting indoors, transition lenses would be clear, and show you the surroundings as they are, but if you are practicing outdoors in the sun, they would be as effective as sunglasses.


Prescription glasses may not be available with all glass manufacturers. Not every shop would have frames that would suit these lenses. They have to be made according to your particular need and demand, and hence, their cost would also be very high. Moreover, as they have to be specially made, it would also take extra time for you to get them.
The most important factor that you must look into before buying glasses is your comfort. You would need the perfect fitting glasses, as you would not like them to keep on slipping from the nose while shooting. One of the best ways to avoid such a situation is to buy the frames having cable temples, which perfectly hold the glasses.
Before you select a pair of such lenses, do not forget to research on the different types that are available in the market. You can consult an optician, local optical shop owner, or browse through the Internet to know all about the available options.
Though you may have to pay a heavy price for the best pair, they provide essential eye care, and you don't have to worry about the vision clarity and safety of your eyes while shooting.