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Importance of Prescription Sports Eyewear

Shashank Nakate Nov 18, 2018
In certain sports, eyewear is necessary to protect the eyes from injuries and to improve performance. Read on to know about the importance of wearing protective eyewear, and what you need to look for before choose one for yourself.
Every year, around 1,00,000 eye injuries occur during sporting activities. Most of these injuries can be prevented with the use of quality eyewear. Wearing prescription sports eyewear is a must to avoid any eye injury. The benefits of using sports eyewear are much more than just preventing injuries.
Eyewear is also used in protecting the eyes from ultraviolet rays. It improves vision, and has a positive effect on the game and performance of a sportsman. Peripheral vision provides better vision and helps the player improve his game.

Different Prescription Sports Eyewear

Nowadays, many sports require a player to wear protective eyewear, especially those games which are associated with speed.


Swimming eyewear needs to have a strap that is easily removable. Prescription goggles for swimming are made from smoked lenses and help reduce any glare. The goggles that are available nowadays are made from polycarbonate plastic material.


Eyewear for running is available in two shapes: the 'standard' and the 'XLJ'. The standard shape has lenses that are curved, while the XLJ lenses are a bit squarish. XLJ lenses provide a wide coverage.
The lenses used for running need to be light in weight, and adjustable to different intensities of light.

Skiing and Climbing

The eyewear that caters to the needs of both climbing and skiing are available in the market.
'Adidas Elevation', an eyewear product released by the company Adidas, is a combination of sunglasses and a goggle. The product is versatile, i.e., the lenses and sides of the glasses can be changed quickly and used for skiing, climbing, canoeing, etc., as per one's needs.
The 'ClimaCool Technology' that is used in these glasses helps divert airflow away from the eyes, and also prevents fogging.


The lenses used in glasses for cycling are made from high impact material. This eyewear is manufactured in a way that assists the cyclist by adjusting to the changing light conditions.


The eyewear to be used for this sport needs to be tough and scratch-resistant. Fog reduction is the feature that is needed in these glasses.
The interior texture of many of these glasses is such that glare is minimized. The glasses used for motocross need to be wide and should fit comfortably. The strap that comes with these glasses must be made of elastic.


A diving mask needs to prevent fogging. The HydroOptix MEGA 4.5 DD is a popular product used for diving. The specialty of this eyewear is that the eyes are always at a position that is at the center of the dome of the eyewear.

Importance and Benefits

Protection of the eyes is the most important function and benefit of wearing sports eyewear. Many different types of eyewear products are used for the same. Face masks can also be used as protective eyewear; for example, in the case of hockey goalkeepers, a face mask proves to be useful to prevent eye injury.
The polycarbonate shields used in glasses for sports like football help protect the eyes from any severe injury. Goggles protect the eyes from getting injured by balls, rackets, and other playing equipment.
In some sports like basketball, contact lenses also can be used instead of glasses, so as to prevent injury during play. Prescription sports eyewear thus, has become mandatory sports accessories in various sporting activities. One should use these so as to be safe and also improve performance.