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Punching Techniques

Punching Techniques

Inability to understand and execute proper punching techniques is bound to end up in an injury. In this SportsAspire article, we will shed light on the basic techniques and explain how to execute them effectively.
Abhijit Naik
Just rolling your fingers into a ball and whacking onto something is not what punching is all about. In fact, this 'whacking' just increases your chances of injury. Irrespective of whether you are facing an opponent or simply practicing on a punching bag, technique is the most important thing when it comes to power-packed punches.
Basic Punching Techniques
In boxing, wherein the contact is always made with knuckles, punches are categorized on the basis of execution, and when it comes to execution, the right technique is the key. Given below are some effective tips which stress on the proper execution of four most popular punches in boxing: the jab, cross, hook, and the undercut.
One of the most powerful punches in boxing, the jab is an important tool in a boxer's arsenal. When executing a jab, the lead fist is propelled straight towards the opponent by fully extending the arm. Just before the impact, you should twist your arm in such a manner that the lead fist is held horizontally, with the palm facing the ground at the moment of impact. Going by the proper jabbing technique, your knees should be bent and chin should be down when executing a jab. One doesn't have to set a jab, as it directly comes from the ready position.

Twisting the hand right before the impact adds that extra power to your punch, thus making your opponent snap back with the hard impact.
The cross, also referred to as the straight, is executed with the dominant hand as soon as the opponent attempts a punch with his opposite hand. When you are in the ready stance, your dominant hand rests beneath your chin, which is exactly the place from where you initiate the cross. When executing the cross, you should propel your hand straight towards the target, which is generally the face of the opponent. The movement of your hand should start from your chin and the punch should end up at your opponent's face.
Whilst doing this, your rear shoulder should also be propelled forward in such a manner that it rests near your chin at the impact of punch, and your lead hand should retract and act as a defense for your face. In order to gain that extra power, you should rotate your torso and hips in an anti-clockwise direction and transfer your weight from the rear foot to the lead foot.

For best results, a cross should be executed immediately after the jab
The hook is yet another effective punch executed by swing of the arm, right onto the face of the opponent; most often at the chin. Your back and core muscles play a crucial role in executing the hook, as proper swinging of the arm holds the key to this punch. When propelling the fist towards the target, your hand should be ideally bent at an angle of 90° and you should transfer your entire body weight onto your rear foot. This transfer of weight is crucial, as it allows the attacker to swing his lead hand freely towards the opponent.

Pivoting is crucial when it comes to execution of a hook, as it increases the power of the punch.
The uppercut is often used as a knockout punch, and generally aimed at the opponent's chin. When executing this punch, the attacker's hand is propelled vertically, starting from the opponent's belly towards his face. The attacker should stay as close to the opponent as possible when executing the uppercut. This makes it difficult for the opponent to anticipate the blow and counter it with a straight punch. Though an uppercut can be executed from outside, the impact is not the same as the arm is not bent at the elbow.

The right hand uppercut is the best option to follow a powerful lead fist jab.
Ideally, while practicing these heavy bag techniques, you should start with a jab, follow with a cross, deliver some hooks, and finally finish with an uppercut. Though each of these are powerful, using them in combination just enhances their power.