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Rules of Golf Made Easy

Aarti R Sep 27, 2018
If you are a beginner to golf, you will need to acquaint yourself with the rules first. Here are the rules of golf made easy for beginners.
For a beginner in any game, knowing and understanding the rules is very important. After all, your entire performance will be based on how well you have understood the rules. In the paragraphs to follow, you will come across the rules of golf, which have been simplified and explained in a lucid manner for clear understanding.

Golf Rules Made Easy

  • The details of golf course are one of the most vital key points to start the game. The golf course is made up of 18 holes, and the golf ball is hit from the teeing area.
  • The ball is placed on a wooden or a plastic tee.
  • The teeing area is rough as compared to the area, which has holes in it. The area which consists of 18 holes is a closely mown lawn, that stretches widely over a large area.
  • There are flag sticks to indicate the location of the holes. Yellow flags represent the first nine holes and the next nine are indicated by the red flags. On an average, it takes 4 hours to play all the 18 holes.
  • You are allowed to tee off behind tee markers, for up to a distance of two club lengths. You should always tee off between the tee markers and not in front of the tee markers.
  • While playing, you must play the ball where it is. There are a few places where you cannot play the ball, for example, if the ball is in the area, which is under repair or construction or there is a obstruction in between. However, remember the obstruction must be man-made. If you play the wrong ball in golf, you get a penalty of 2 strokes.
  • When the golf ball is at rest and you, your partner or your golf caddie moves the ball, you get a penalty of one stroke. However, if the ball is moved by someone other than the stated persons, you do not get a penalty.
  • Now, when the ball is in motion and you or your caddie or your partner stops it, you get a penalty of two strokes. This happens when the ball is played by you. Apart from the two penalty strokes, the ball is kept at the original position, where it was before the last stroke.
  • If you have played a ball and someone else stops the ball, you do not get a penalty. There are some possibilities after this. The first one is, that if in the match play, the ball is deflected by the opponent or his caddie, you can replay the stroke. The second one is that in stroke play, if the ball is displaced after the stroke, you must replay it.
  • You must mark the position of the ball, if you are lifting it to replace it with another one. In addition, if the ball is to be positioned somewhere else, you have to mark the original position of the ball.

Golf Etiquette Rules

Here are some golf etiquette rules, which can help you enjoy the game and let others get the same enjoyment from the game.
  • Always take care that no one is standing in the way, before you start playing golf.
  • Never disturb the one who is playing by talking or standing in the way.
  • Do not make a hasty play nor a sluggish one. Maintain a steady pace for playing golf.
  • Do not spend much time on the missed ball.
  • Your dressing also matters a lot when you play golf. If your golf course has a dress code, you can wear that dress. Otherwise, khaki shots and a collar T-shirt, is a good way of dressing for the golf game.
  • Lastly, follow the basic rules of your golf club.
These are just the basic rules, which are usually needed by a beginner. Enjoy golfing!