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How to Choose Running Shoes for High Arches

Rashida Khilawala Sep 27, 2018
People with high-arched feet can have difficulty finding the right running shoes. If you are looking for running shoes for high arches, the following write-up can help you understand what to look for.
People with high arches tend have shorter foot length, experience pain while walking, running, jogging, or even standing, and have difficulty finding the right kind of shoes for the job.
To determine whether you have a high arch, you need to see whether the space between the balls of your feet and the back of your feet has a defined arch or not. If this arch is higher than it seems normal, then you have high-arched feet.
In order to avoid any injuries while walking or running, it is necessary that you buy running shoes for high arches. This helps eliminate pain along the arch, reduces stiffness in your feet, and avoids health risks concerning knees, hips, and calves.
We will be discussing the fundamental requirements or helpful pointers (if you will) to find the right running shoes for high arches. Now remember, these shoes will be completely different from the shoes required for flat feet. This is because flat feet and high-arched feet are two opposite foot types.

Supination (Underpronation)

In this condition, the feet roll outwards a little bit, while running or walking. If due attention is not given, supination can lead to several chiropractic health hassles.
Sometimes, people opt to operate themselves out of this problem, but if noticed in time, certain lifestyle choices (like shoe selection) make it a negligible issue. Actually, it is a very rare condition, and as such, often ignored. Don't make the mistake, make the right choice of shoes.
Feet with high arches are very rare. However, as the arch is too high to provide the support and help absorb the shock, it is essential for the shoes to provide adequate support and comfort. The best shoes for high arches will have cushioning for the heel and the arch of the foot.

Running Shoes for People with High Arches

The high arch running shoes will be marked as such. When out for shoe shopping, make sure that you ask, specifically, for running shoes for high arches. Mostly the salesperson will ask you; however, it is important for you to be vigilant about it as well.
The next step is to know whether the shoes you select have shock absorption technique. Your shoes will require adequate shock absorption so that you won't injure or experience pain in your knees, arches, and calves.
Due to the supination, often the heel feels the shock and it doesn't get balanced across the foot. This causes injuries and pain. As such, when buying running shoes, keep in mind the balance factor.
A running shoe for high arch will have several layers of padding. This is to balance and even out the pressure to avoid injuries. Less layers of padding will lead to pain in the shins and the foot.
Good running shoes for high arches will be as light as possible. This is to facilitate better mobility and general comfort for the user. All in all, the shoe needs to be light weight and flexible.

Other Deciding Factors for High-arched Running Shoes

Whether the shoes are being bought for men or women, you should not sacrifice on comfort and flexibility. Adequate cushioning for the hollow area in your feet make a whole lot of difference while you're running, walking, jogging, or simply standing.
Also, this way, you won't strain the muscles in your feet and entire leg. Your back will be supported properly and you won't experience any issues with lower back pain as well. As such, it is most advisable to go for running shoes with high arches as they are flexible.
The shoes need to have some breathing space. Mostly, excessive sweating causes rashes or skin allergies. So, if there is no breathing space like a mesh, in the running shoe for high arch, overheating can cause excessive sweating.
The running shoe for high arch will require several layers of padding for further comfort and support. Unlike flat footed people, people with high arches require more soft texture to even out the pressure.
You will find that many companies like Reebok, FILA, Nike, Puma, Adidas, and Spalding specifically design shoes for people with high-arched feet. Be sure to browse as many different shoes for designs, patterns, comfort, and colors. Once you find the right shoes that fit you well, there'll be no looking back.