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These Softball Hitting Drills are Guaranteed to Transform Your Game

Softball Hitting Drills
Hitting drills are meant to hone the batting skills of softball players, and thus are an essential part of training. Here's more on this...
Medha Godbole
Last Updated: May 31, 2018
Softball is a direct descendant of baseball. The one major difference is that the ball used here is bigger. Softball players too have their drills, which are done to enhance their level of the game, as any other game. These drills are there for every aspect of the game, from pitching, to fielding, and to batting.
Batting Drills
A player's top hand is a very crucial aspect of how well the ball is hit. So, this drill helps to work upon and understand the importance of the top hand. The purpose is therefore to hit the ball on a line to the field opposite.
There is a feeder sitting behind an L-shaped screen, approximately 10 feet away from the plate. The hitter stands in front of the screen on the plate. The ball is thrown by the feeder on the outer end of the plate for the batter to hit. The ball is then hit to the opposite field, punctuating the use of the top hand.
If a player has to work on curbing the upper cut swing, this is the drill which can help sort out that issue. Here, the coach keeps the stands right behind each other on the double tee, and then places a softball on each. The player takes a stance alongside the double tee, all set for hitting the ball back up in the middle. He then hits the ball straight ahead, after a trigger, stride, and swing.
For developing speed and a strong lead arm, coaches often make the players do this drill. This involves the batter taking a stance, sans the bat. Simultaneously, the lead hand is in a normal position, and the thumb is up. A line is drawn by the batter across the chest, followed by an extension towards the ball. This is one very effective fast pitch softball drill.
Narrowing down of the focus in the process of grooving the swing, is the objective of this drill. A feeder is positioned around 10 feet away, just off the player's front knee. The cocking action of the batter is initiated by the feeder by the drop of his hands, just a split second prior to flipping the plastic golf ball.
The catch here is that, the player has to hit the ball using a broomstick or hit stick, and drive the ball into the net. The key is to completely focus on the ball and hit it square.
Here, the players play a proper softball game, and when a game is tied in extra innings, a base runner is stationed on the second base for commencing a fresh innings. Now, at this juncture, the teams have a fabulous chance to score and win the game.
The hitter has one bat for helping the runner reach home. Then the coach may direct the players to play as if there were 2 outs, for starters. A base-dominant scenario is created, where hitters as well as runners go up one base every time there is a reasonably good swing. This leads to the participation of maximum players possible.
Useful Tips
  • One of the basic thing about slow pitch hitting is to have patience. That means observing the ball till it crosses the plate before it is hit.
  • Fast pitch hitting is all about developing quick reflexes and responses to the pitch, as the mound and home plate are closer in softball than baseball.
  • Never move your eyes away from the ball, followed by taking the bat off your shoulder, and then swinging hard at the appropriate time.
  • Ensure that you are maintaining a good balance.