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Sports Marketing

Read This if You're Looking to Make a Career in Sports Marketing

If you are interested in pursuing a career in sports marketing, then you are not alone. This is a flourishing industry, and there is tremendous scope for people who have the right qualifications.
Rahul Thadani
Last Updated: Mar 21, 2019
With the rise of sports broadcasting all around the world, sports marketing is a career choice that is built for individuals, who have a deep passion for any form of sports, and also have the business acumen to make a mark in the corporate side of things.
It is a wide concept, and it involves advertising of sports events, products, and franchises; promotion of other products and services by affiliating them with such events or teams; and management of the image rights and endorsements.
You take any sport, and it has become a multibillion-dollar industry today; there are numerous people working behind the scenes who make this happen. There are a lot of deals, negotiations, and marketing services that are carried out, and there are a fixed group of people, who deal with the business side of all these matters.
Careers in This Field
People who have business degrees and administrative skills, and also have a keen interest in sports are perfect for this career, as they know about the intricate details of the game they are working for. There are specialty marketing firms and agencies that ensure that all the promotional activities related to a certain brand are carried out smoothly.
Here are the generic tasks that most of these agencies undertake, and these are the areas, where these careers can flourish:
  • Cater to the PR and marketing activities of a certain team, individual, or franchise
  • Carry out the marketing, sponsorship, and promotional activities of a certain event like the Olympics
  • Manage endorsements and commercial deals for individual athletes
  • Increase public awareness for a certain sport, and ensure that adequate attention and resources are provided for the development of its infrastructure
  • Carry out detailed market research, and implement right strategies to determine which athletes and teams can fetch maximum returns from advertisements and endorsements
  • Look after the contracts of athletes with the franchises that they are affiliated with, and negotiate the terms of these contracts, as well
  • Negotiate television deals and revenue streams for the broadcasting of events, and also work exclusively for a particular franchise
  • Find new and budding athletes, and ensure that they are recognized by the right powers in the game so that they are provided with a fair chance to prove themselves and build their careers
  • Secure sponsorship for certain events, and ensure that they are carried out on the grandest scale possible
As for qualifications, it is necessary that you attain an undergraduate degree in business, advertising, or sports sciences to begin with. Logically, such jobs can only be carried out by someone, who has an understanding of a particular sport, and by someone who knows about the basics of advertising and marketing, as well.
Sponsorships and endorsements in sports have become very popular all around the world, and the income accrued from these events is phenomenal. This is an industry that has been milked, and this is even more evident from the tons of business marketing and promotional tools that you will see at every single event.
Lots of money can be made from this field, and this is where sports marketing comes to the fore, since it involves people who have genuine love for the game and a sound business-oriented mindset.