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Biography of Stephanie Rice

Biography of Stephanie Rice
Stephanie Rice is an Australian swimmer and three-time Olympic gold medalist. She participates in medley and freestyle events and at one time held three world records, including the 200 m and the 400 m individual medley. Find out more about this gorgeous athlete in this article.
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Swimming is one of the most famous Olympic sports. It has produced many legendary figures and never fails to enthrall the viewers. Australia, famous for its remarkable presence in virtually every sport, has a strong culture of swimming and has produced quite a few famous swimmers; Ian Thorpe, of course, leads the way. Born in this proud sporting nation, Stephanie Rice has often been seen as an example of a natural talent failing to realize her true potential. While she remains a household name Down Under, her image to the world is more akin to that of a spoiled teenager. Let's take a look.
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Personal Details

Name: Stephanie Rice
Nicknames: Steph, Ricey
Nationality: Australian
Born: June 17, 1988
Place of Birth: Brisbane
Height: 5'9''
Weight: 150 lbs

  • Rice's hobbies include ten-pin bowling and mini golf.
  • She is also a self-confessed movie buff.
  • She is sponsored by SunRice.
  • She trains at the St. Peters Western Club in Brisbane and is coached by Michael Bohl.

Stephanie kick-started her career in the year 2006 by winning the gold medal in the 200 m individual medley at the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne, posting a time of 2:12.90. She also won a gold in the 400 m individual medley.
The success sustained through 2007; at the 2007 Melbourne World Championships, she earned a bronze medal in the 200 m individual medley, breaking the previous Australian record by a second. In the 400 m individual medley, Rice once again secured the third position, achieving a second bronze medal with a personal best time of 4:41.19.
At an Italian meet later in 2007, Rice continued the good performances with a new personal best time of 4:40.79 in the 400 m individual medley. At the 2007 Japanese Open Championships, Stephanie Rice broke her personal best time in the 400 m individual medley, finally passing the 4:40 barrier in the process. She set a new Australian and Commonwealth record of 4:37.18.
Olympic Glory
The year 2008 was memorable for Rice, as she participated in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and set 3 world records in the 200 m individual medley, the 400 m individual medley and the 4x200 m freestyle relay. This was preceded by a Pan Pacific tussle for the 400 m individual medley world record between Rice, participating in the Australian trials, and Katie Hoff, participating in the American trials. Hoff had set a world record time of 4:32.89, only to be beaten by Rice's 4:31.46. Hoff, however, went into the Olympics with the world record to her name, having set a time of 4:31.12.
In the Olympic final, Rice broke through the 4:30 barrier to post a time of 4:29.45, setting the world record and becoming the first woman to cross the 4:30 barrier (although Kirsty Coventry, who finished second in the race, also posted a sub-4:30 time). Hoff won the bronze with a time of 4:31.71.
In winning the 400 m individual medley, Rice won her first Olympic medal, Australia's first gold at the Beijing Games and 400th medal at the Summer Olympics. Later, she also won the 200 m individual medley in a world record time of 2:08.45 and the 4x200 m freestyle relay, in which the Australian team posted a world record time of 7:44.31.
In the 2009 World Aquatics Championships, Rice won two silver and a bronze, although one of the silver medals was for her contribution in the medley relay heats, and not for having won the second place.

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  2006 Commonwealth Games:
  • Gold: 200 m Individual Medley
  • Gold: 400 m Individual Medley
  2007 World Swimming Championship:
  • Bronze: 200 m Individual Medley
  • Bronze: 400 m Individual Medley
  2008 Beijing Olympics:
  • Gold: 200 m Individual Medley
  • Gold: 400 m Individual Medley
  • Gold: 4x200 m Freestyle Relay
  2009 World Swimming Championships
  • Silver: 200 m Individual Medley
  • Silver: 4x200 m Freestyle Relay heats
  • Bronze: 400 m Individual medley
  2011 World Swimming Championships:
  • Bronze: 400 m Individual Medley
  • Bronze: 4x100 m Medley Relay

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  2008 Telstra Australian Swimmer of the Year

2008 World Swimmer of the Year

2008 Pacific Rim Swimmer of the Year

2008 Queensland Sportswoman of the Year

Received the Medal of the Order of Australia in 2008

At the 2012 London Olympics, Rice came under fire when, having failed to add to her 2008 medal tally, she was spotted with controversial American basketball star Kobe Bryant. Although she was quick to douse the embers of press speculation, it brought under focus the enigma that has puzzled sports analysts all over the world, especially Down Under. Stephanie Rice is, without a shadow of doubt, one of the most naturally talented swimmers Australia has produced and, if only she could curb her supposedly irresponsible side, many believe that she can reach heights never scaled before. Come Rio 2016, and we'll find out whether Rice bolsters her fame as a wasted talent or as a true Olympic champion.