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Swimmers' Diet

Rujuta Borkar Sep 30, 2018
Swimmers have a special kind of diet to help in their strenuous exercise regimes. Know more about the kind of diet that swimmers should be consuming.
If you've ever swum, you will have experienced that it is a very tiring task. Not only does it require tremendous energy and stamina to swim, but that energy and stamina needs to be sustained for a long period of time as well.
Add to that fact, that after a swim, most people get extremely hungry. And it just goes to show that a lot of calories are burnt during swimming. It is therefore very important to know about the right kind of swimmers' diet.
If one wants to start swimming and be successful at it, one has to have complete knowledge about the best diet for swimmers. This is necessary to prevent any mishaps and to allow a person to reap maximum benefits of that activity.

General Tips

Consume Carbohydrates

Including carbohydrates, rather, making carbohydrates an important part of a swimmer's diet is essential. Carbs provide lasting energy to the swimmer. A swimmer's diet should include easy to digest carbs that are low in glycemic index.
Some of these are whole wheat and whole grains along with apples, yogurt, pear, skim milk, peanut butter and toast, banana, soy beans, peanuts, and kidney beans. This will allow for maximum nutrition.

Include Lean Meats

Including lean meats is extremely necessary because these provide the energy that helps to strengthen and rebuild muscle cells.

Avoid Certain Foods

There are certain foods that should be avoided by a swimmer at all costs. These include.
  • Fast foods and fried foods. They do not provide the adequate energy and nutrients and take a long time to digest.
  • Sodas and desserts. They do not provide lasting energy, and in fact, sap all the energy away when the sugar wears off.

Tips for During a Swim

Drink Water

Drinking water before, during, and after a swim is necessary because even though a swimmer is in water he tends to lose fluids. It is therefore important to keep oneself sufficiently hydrated.

Light Meal

it is necessary to have a light snack before a swim and always make sure that it is had 1½ to 2 hours prior to the activity. The snack should be rich in carbs. A heavy meal will lead to stomach cramps when in the water.

Diet Choice

Having foods that will keep the blood sugar up and energy flow high, are absolutely necessary. Some of these foods are fruits, sweet potatoes, dry cereal, oatmeal cookies, bananas, grapes, oranges, and apples.

Tips for After a Swim

Immediately after a swim, your body craves for nutrients to replace the glycogen stores and repair the muscle tissues. This should be done within 20 minutes after a swim (known as the 'glycogen recovery window').


Consume a lot of water to hydrate the body and provide it with the lost fluid. Alternately, one can even have a sports drink.

Carbohydrates and Protein

It is necessary to have foods that are high in proteins and carbs to help the body recover faster. A little amount of fats can also be consumed.
Have foods like eggs, turkey sandwiches, yogurt, potatoes, watermelon, rice cakes, honey, wheat toasts, chocolate milk (low fat), and protein shakes. All these will help relieve muscle soreness and tiredness.
And there you have it. The perfect swimmers' diet. So if you want to be a swimmer, you'll have to eat like one. But there's no need to worry anymore cause you have the perfect diet right here to refer to whenever you wish to.