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A Quick Summary of the Taekwondo Belts in Order of Achievement

Order of Taekwondo Belts
Taekwondo is a very well-known form of martial arts, and is pursued by a number of people as either their hobby or as a profession. Mentioned below is a brief description of the belts offered in this form of martial arts and their significance.
Aparna Jadhav
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
Path to black belt
Taekwondo means 'to strike or break with foot and fist'. It is the national sport of South Korea and a well-known martial art. It has gained immense popularity, resulting in the development of various domains of it. It consists of combat techniques, exercises, sports, self-defense, meditation, and philosophy. It is also a part of the military training offered to the South Korean armed forces.
One important thing in Taekwondo is the belt system, in which the different colors signify different ranks. The color is an indication of the skill level of the martial art practitioner. The color reflects a person's proven level of competence, and the progression of colors reflect on the class and endurance levels of the sportsman. Thus, take a look at the following belts in their color orders, and what these colors actually mean.
The art or sport of Taekwondo has certain levels and orders which decide the progression and endurance levels. When you achieve mastery at a certain level of the martial art, you are symbolized with a particular colored belt. Achieving these belt levels is not a very difficult thing if you are prepared for hard work, but is also not very easy if you think it's simply a sport. The various levels include the junior, senior, and instructor level, and the students who start with the junior level, could someday be instructors. In the junior level, however, there are a set of belts.
Belt Colors
The ranking system of International Taekwon-Do Federation includes belts of six colors, namely, white, yellow, green, blue, red, and black. The colors may vary slightly, with every school/club.
White: White color stands for innocence and simplicity that a student starts with. They have no previous knowledge of Taekwondo, and are as plain as the color white.
Yellow: Yellow stands for the Earth. This color is so, because according to the teachings of this martial art, the students begin to create a foundation for themselves in the Taekwondo techniques. By this level, they have started to expand the root system deep, and the art has begun to grow.
Green: The color green signifies growth and prosperity, like that of the green plants as they sprout. After the student has built a firm foundation for himself, he has started to grow in the martial art.
Blue: Blue represents the color of the sky, and this belt is to remind the student to reach for the heavens and keep growing in the art till it is mastered.
Red: This color stands for danger, and is considered as a warning for the students to temper their newly found skills and techniques with control and wisdom.
Black: This is the final and the most senior level. Being the opposite of white, this color, represents maturity and dignity. This level means that a student is fully prepared in the sacred art.
With the help of these different levels and colors, you can easily master this art by judging your level of endurance. This is a great art to learn, thus, make the most out of it and test yourself from white to black.