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Tai Chi Moves

Shashank Nakate Nov 18, 2018
Tai Chi provides the body with energy and the mind with calmness. Read on to know more about the different moves involved in this ancient form of martial art.
An ancient form of martial arts, Tai Chi has been practiced in China for a long time. It can be practiced by people of all age groups. With proper guidance, everybody can perform it. For kids, it proves to be helpful in developing the concentration levels.
As per the reports obtained, children affected by ADHD are known to have shown improvement in their classroom behavior. Problems like hyperactivity and daydreaming are also reduced.
Some of the movements are slow and can be mastered by anyone, irrespective of their age. This exercise is beneficial because instead of wasting/dissipating energy, it conserves energy.

Tai Chi Chuan and Tai Chi Chih

A Chinese martial art which is mostly used for health reasons, Tai Chi is practiced in various forms. 'Chuan' is the traditional Chinese type of martial art, while 'Chih' is the westernized version that incorporates a total of 19 movements.


Rocking Motion

The rocking motion is termed as the most difficult movement. In this move, one has to shift the balance of weight towards the frontal part of the feet and then downwards. The next step is to transfer the weight backwards and again towards the ground. Care should be taken to see that the alignment of the body remains perfect.
Mind power is considered to be important in this form of martial art, and thus, it is recommended to transfer the weight not by brute muscle power, but with the help of mental power. This basic principle remains the same for all the other moves. Thus, it also helps in maintaining mental health.

Bird Flaps Its Wings

In this movement, the starting position is that of the palms facing each other, however, without making any kind of contact. The hands should then be taken sideways towards the waist and simultaneously the knees should be bent as the heels are lifted.
The hands should then be brought together and the bend in the knees should be slightly reduced. This motion is to be repeated 3 times.

Around the Platter

The arms should be brought towards the left side of the torso and the body weight needs to be transferred on the right leg. The left leg should be taken forward and a round motion of the arms should be done simultaneously.
Half of the round needs to be completed while the body is moving forward, while the next part of the round is performed as the weight is transferred back. The same exercise is performed on the right side of the torso. It is done about 6-10 times on both sides of the torso.

Bass Drum

In this exercise, the palms face each other and a distance of 12 inches is maintained between them. The hands should be moved as the weight is shifted forward. The arms need to be taken upwards at this time, as slowly as possible. The arms should be back to the normal position as the body weight is shifted backwards. The step is repeated about 6-9 times.

Tai Chi Style Moves

  • Rocking Motion
  • Around the Platter
  • Bass Drum
  • Daughter in the Valley
  • Push Pull
  • Pulling Taffy
  • Pulling Taffy, Variation #2, Wrist Circles
  • Working the Pulley
  • The Temple
  • Passing Clouds
  • Cosmic Consciousness Pose
  • Bird Flaps Its Wings
  • Around the Platter Variation
  • Daughter on the Mountain Top
  • Carry the Ball to the Side
  • Pulling in the Energy
  • Pulling Taffy, Variation #1, Anchor
  • Pulling Taffy, Variation #3, Perpetual Motion
  • Light at the Top of the Head
  • Joyous Breath
  • Six Healing Sounds
This was a rough idea about Tai Chi and how it might help us in today's fast paced life.
Disclaimer: Always consult a physician before starting any physical fitness program in order to reduce the risk of injury.