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The Most Famous Historical Figures in Car Racing

It is impossible to understand something without knowing it's history. This is a list of the most popular car racers in history.
Aigerim Berzinya Jun 26, 2019
Car Racing is one of the most storied and interesting sports out there. Thousands and thousands of fans around the world have followed car racing for decades. Prominent races occur anywhere from Europe to South America and feature cars of all types.
The sport has been around since the 1800s, so it is no surprise that some traditions have sprung up over time. All of this racing tradition has produced some seriously fascinating and unique figures – check out some fun history here!

Bill France

If you love car racing, then you have definitely heard of NASCAR. Bill France was the man behind NASCAR, and he knew that drivers needed a more organized network of promoters to maintain their best interests. NASCAR has been a major organization for car racing in the United States and has had a large impact on the sport.

Carl Fisher

Carl Fisher was a true car fanatic. He created and maintained what is thought to be the first car dealership in the United States, and he built a racetrack in addition to his main career as a car salesman. This racetrack is the famous “Brickyard” where the famed Indianapolis 500 occurs each year.

Aryton Senna

This Brazilian-born driver is one of the most decorated Formula One drivers in the history of the sport. Aryton Senna won three Formula One championships during his time as a driver. He was voted in many polls as the most influential Formula One driver that has ever lived.

Wood Brothers Racing Team

The team has been around since the 1950s – quite some time for NASCAR! This team has revolutionized modern NASCAR driving, including making major waves in the way that pit stops happen and incorporating air guns for the first time in the sport. Many other teams in car racing have since adopted these technology changes pioneered by the Wood Brothers.

Wallace Gordon “Wally” Parks

While there are many different types of car racing, drag racing is one of the more popular forms. Wally Parks is best known for organizing drag racing for the first time, and he founded the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA). He elevated drag racing into a respectable motorsport through his efforts.

Giti Driving Team

The Giti Angels team at Nürburgring was revolutionary in being the first ever all-female racing team. This meant that the entire crew and the driver were all females – what an impressive feat!

The Giti team made history with this crew at the prestigious German race, and they have paved the way for more women in a male-dominated sport.

Car Racing: One of the Most Exciting Sports

It requires standout drivers, excellent crews, and top-notch cars. Through the history of car racing, these figures truly stand out as pioneers and leaders in their specific type of racing.
As racing becomes impacted by new technology and changing demographics, it’ll be wonderful to see new figures emerge and take on this great sport.