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The World's Biggest Sporting Venues for 9 Different Sports

Matt H May 7, 2019
Ever wondered which sporting venues are the biggest in the world? Here we look at the largest venues in the world in terms of spectator capacity for 9 of the most popular sports.
Throughout the world, professional sport is enjoyed by billions of people; and watching it live at the stadium or venue where it is taking place is definitely the best way to experience it.

Here we will look at the biggest venues in the world for 9 different sports.

Soccer (Football) - Rungrado May Day Stadium, North Korea - Capacity: 114,000

North Korea may not be the first country that comes to mind when thinking of soccer, but it surprisingly holds the accolade of being the country with the largest soccer stadium in the whole world. The Rungrado May Day Stadium has a capacity of 114,000 which actually makes it the largest of all stadiums in the world, not just the largest soccer stadium.

Basketball - Philippine Arena, Philippines - Capacity: 55,000

The NBA in the USA is the most popular basketball league in the world, so you may assume that the largest basketball arena would be located somewhere within the United States. However, you would be wrong.

In terms of spectator capacity, the largest basketball arena is the Philippine Arena which is located in the province of Bulacan in the Philippines.

American Football - Michigan Stadium, United States - Capacity: 107,601

The Michigan Stadium first opened in 1927 but has seen many extensive expansions and renovations since then, with its official capacity today set at 107,601.

Home of the University of Michigan football team, this is the second largest stadium in the whole world, second only to the aforementioned Rungrado May Day Stadium.

Rugby - FNB Stadium, South Africa - Capacity: 114,000

The First National Bank (FNB) stadium holds the accolade for being the largest rugby stadium in the world, although it has also been used to host various other sporting and non-sporting events.

Tennis - Arthur Ashe Stadium, United States - Capacity: 23,771

It will come as no surprise that the largest tennis venue in the world is one which hosts a Grand Slam each year.

Both the men's and women's US Open finals take place annually at the Arthur Ashe stadium in New York, and a sell out crowd of 23,771 spectators is always guaranteed for these events.

Cricket - Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), Australia - Capacity: 100,024

The Melbourne Cricket Ground is arguably the most famous cricket ground in the world, but there is no doubt that it is the largest.

Able to hold 100,024 spectators, the MCG is the tenth largest sporting stadium in the whole world in terms of capacity.

Baseball - Dodger Stadium, United Stadium - Capacity: 56,000

Baseball is one of the most popular sports in the USA and it is in the United States where you will find the largest baseball stadium in the world. Home of the LA Dodgers, the Dodger Stadium can hold 56,000 spectators.

Horse Racing - Tokyo Racecourse, Japan - Capacity: 223,000

Horse racing is a sport which is enjoyed in many countries across the world. Some of the most famous horse racing venues are in the UK and the USA, however the largest one can be found in Japan.

The Tokyo Racecourse, which first opened in 1933, can hold a staggering 223,000 spectators.

Motor Racing - Indianapolis Motor Speedway, United States - Capacity: 400,000

The largest sporting venue in the world in terms of spectator capacity is the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It has a total capacity of 400,000 with 257,327 permanent seats.