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Buying Your First Golf Bag? You MUST Consider These Things

Things to Consider Before Buying Golf Bags
Whether a beginner or a professional golfer, you need to be very careful while choosing a perfect golf bag lest you end up wasting too much money and getting nothing in the bargain. Here is a piece of information discussing the factors to consider before buying a golf bag.
Snehal Motkar
Last Updated: Feb 28, 2018
Why is golf bag a must have piece of equipment in the game of golf? It is because a golf bag is utilized for transporting your entire golf equipment. It lessens your worries about the equipment because with a golf bag, everything (golf clubs, golf balls, etc.,) lie in place. A golf bag should be stylish, tough, durable, and lightweight. A consumer wants all these features in one bag which is quite a difficult task for manufacturers. Apart from these general demands, selection of a golf bag largely depends on the personal choice of individuals which again makes it all the more complicated. Hence, there are some general things that should be considered before you buy a golf bag.
Considerations Before Buying Your First Golf Bag
Although golf bags are helpful to all golfers, for a beginner it proves to be even more. As all the required things for your play stay in place, you can concentrate completely on your teeing without worrying about your belongings. Your bag not only keeps everything in place, but also protects your golf clubs from damage. As a novice, you might wonder- I have only four golf clubs, why do I need a bag for them? You must know that a golf bag is not only required to hold your golf clubs but also for other accessories and equipment that you need throughout the course. Here is a buyers guide that has a few factors, which should not be overlooked while purchasing golf bags.
Lightweight and Sturdy
Sturdy golf bag
The bag has to be light in weight because it will become a lot heavier when stuffed with golf accessories and gear. If the bag itself weighs more than say 5 pounds, how heavy will it become after the equipment and accessories go into it. Furthermore, if you are choosing a carry golf bag, you will have to walk around with such a heavy bag that it will make you feel weary and tired instead of refreshed.
Lots of Pockets
Golf bag with more pockets
Having more pockets will keep you organized. Proper compartments will protect your golf clubs from damage. The accessory pockets will enable you to carry your sunglasses, water-bottle, keys, wallet, cell phone, etc. The number of golf clubs also matters while looking for a golf bag. You should choose a bag considering the number of golf clubs you have. Normally, all bags can carry 15 golf clubs.
However, a tournament restricts the number of golf clubs you can carry at a time. Some good golf bags also have a pocket cooler that can keep your drink cold for extended hours.
Quality and Comfort
Quality and comfort are another two most important factors of consideration while purchasing golf bags. If you buy a low quality golf bag, it will wear out soon and you will have to buy a new one, probably in just a few months. Comfort level of the bag is more important when it comes to a carry bag. You need to check fitting of the straps and the ease while carrying the bag. As far as a cart bag is concerned, the comfort level is not a big concern as it will remain in the cart mostly.
Types of Golf Bags
The standard division of golf bags is between a carry bag and a cart bag. A carry bag is suitable when you have to walk around the golf course during the entire session carrying your stuff. Generally, youngsters and strong players use carry bags because they either do not have a caddy or they do not ride on a golf cart. A cart bag on the other hand is useful when you are allowed to move from one golf course to another using a cart. It is advisable to have both types of bags because the rules of each golf course are different and you will have to use the bag accordingly. However, here are a few varieties of other golf bags to have a look at.
Golf Stand Bags
Golf stand bag
As the name suggests, these types of bags have built-in stands that make them stand on the ground while you are teeing. It weighs 5 pounds or less, hence can be carried from hole to hole with ease.
Golf Staff Bags
Golf staff bag
These bags are large enough to hold 14 clubs and everything that the pro needs. Usually, they are made of leather and have very large pockets. This makes the bag pretty heavy and you might need a caddy to carry it for you from course to course.
Golf Travel Bags
Golf travel bag
These are the largest available golf bags and are used mostly by touring pros. They have enough space to carry a rain suit, extra pair of golf shoes or any other piece of equipment. These bags also need a caddy.
Golf Pencil Bags
Man holding golf pencil bag
These are the smallest bags amongst all the bags wherein you can accommodate only four to five golf clubs. These bags are made of cloth and are lightweight. They are also known as Golf Sunday Bags.
If you follow all the above guidelines, you will have a perfect golf bag for yourself. Also check out a few golf bag reviews before you purchase one in order to have a better idea. Apart from choosing a proper bag, it is also important to pack a golf bag correctly. When you have a rightly packed golf bag, all the necessary equipment comes handy at the time of actual play. Store your golf bag in a cool and dry place as too much exposure to sunlight will weaken and damage the material of the bag.
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