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Top 5 Wearable Techs for Athletes

Richard Clayton Oct 23, 2019
Athlete’s wearable technologies have changed so much right now. There was a time that most athletes practice on their own without help from any technology which is very hard on their part. Since technology invaded the sporting industry, it made the athlete’s life easier and safer. Every practice is already systematic and there are no wasted efforts.
There are a lot of wearable technologies you can find in the market right now. Some can be very expensive and others can also be cheap. But every wearable technology has its own purpose and usage depending on what kind of sport you are doing. And here are the lists of top wearable technologies for athletes that you can have right now.

Apple Watch Series 5

The latest premium smartwatch from Apple for this year, the Watch 5. It has the latest features that a perfect smartwatch can have. It still somehow similar to watch 4 of last year with some minor upgrade to its features and design. This great smartwatch is perfect for athletes and it offers a lot of applications for sports enthusiasts.
The Apple Watch 5 has a good looking minimalist design and offers a perfect OLED display with an always-on feature. It has a lot of fitness capabilities that are actually very useful just like its onboard GPS that can accurately track you plus its incredible health tracker like its heart rate monitoring which can perfectly read your heart rate.

There’s a lot of things you can do with this smartwatch, like going for a swim, do cycling, training yoga, do high-intensity training such as basketball and football. You can also listen to your favorite song while doing some physical training. The possibilities with this smartwatch are endless and there will be more upgrades to come in the future.

Digitsole Smart Shoes

A perfect wearable item for sports enthusiast especially for those athletes who needs a good pair of shoes. The key feature of the Digitsole Smart Shoes is that it has a powerful self-tightening technology. This means that you don’t need to worry about lacing or even re-lacing during training or games which can help save time and effort.

Another key feature of this smart shoe is that it can keep your feet warm in times of cold weather especially if you are running early in the morning on some mountain areas in which can really affect your performance. It can also track your activities just like other wearable gadgets in which you can monitor how many steps you’ve made and much more.

Athlete Recovery Smart Clothing by Under Armor

One of the best wearables for athletes right now, the Athlete Recovery Smart Clothing of Under Armor, this type of smart clothing can actually absorb heat from the human body and put it back to the wearer’s skin. It is safe energy that can make better muscle recovery and at the same time, it can enhance muscle relaxation.


A perfect swimming tracker for great swimmers. It is made by swimmers for swimmers, this kind of technology was invented to track data information especially for those people that are doing a triathlon. It can accurately record training data and automatically shares it with athletes and coaches to see improvements and opportunities.

These are some of its cool features:  Positioning, it was designed to be easily attached and detached to goggle straps that can perfectly fit on the back of its wearer. It is very hydrodynamic that will not affect the swimmer’s performance. Real-time audio, by using a desktop app, you can set real-time audio while swimming.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

Still one of the best smartwatch for athletes, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active. It is lightweight and has a simple design which is perfect for sports training. It also has a lot of fitness and health features with a cheaper price tag compared to its competitors. The good thing about this smartwatch is that it works with both iOS and Android.

Let’s start with the design, it has a round body and rotating bezel. Samsung refined the design of the Watch Active that makes it look like a traditional analog luxury watch. It also has an AMOLED display , navigating applications with this smartwatch is still the same as the other Galaxy smartwatches and all in all it is perfect.


Technology nowadays is fast improving. There a lot of things technology can actually do to help us in our daily activities. Like for example, In the car industry, it made work easier with the help of robots which can do things which humans cannot do and at the same time, it made all athletes improve their skills and talents with the help of technology.

Listed above are just some of the best wearable technologies that can help athletes improve. There are a lot of other wearable technologies in the market right now and to pick the most reliable one, you need to have the right information about their capabilities.