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Top 10 Gymnasts of All Time You Must Read About NOW

Top 10 Gymnasts of All Time
They are flexible and agile, and have a perfect sense of balance and coordination. Their impressive routines have garnered them the top-notch status. They are the best among the rest...
Cheryl Mascarenhas
Last Updated: Feb 27, 2018
Call them modern-day acrobats or gymnasts, they are worthy of admiration and marvel for their lithe body movements. Excelling in a sport that requires immense body strength, agility, flexibility and control, gymnasts stand out due to the poise and grace that they possess. Gymnastics, which was believed to be a perfect symmetry between the mind and the body by the Greeks, is one of the oldest forms of physical exercise.

Governed by the Federation Internationale de Gymnastique (FIG), Artistic Gymnastics is a discipline of gymnastics. It was introduced specifically to differentiate between the free-flowing styles of exercise and the techniques used for military training. Artistic Gymnastics or Competitive Artistic Gymnastics is a relatively well-known branch of gymnastics. It encompasses events like flips, vaults, bars, rings, beams, and other incredible feats.

Each of these gymnasts mentioned in this list have made a significant contribution to the sport of gymnastics. These gymnasts have with their consistent performances secured the title of being the best. Let's take a look at what makes each of these gymnasts great...
Greatest Male Gymnasts
Sawao Kato
Nationality: Japanese
Olympic Medals: 12
Year Inducted into IGHF: 2001

Making a mark in history is former Japanese gymnast Sawao Kato who is considered to be among the greatest and the most successful athletes of all time. Kato won the Individual title in 1968 and in 1972. Kato has to his credit eight gold medals and a total of twelve Olympic medals over a span of three Olympic Games.
Nikolai Andrianov
Nationality: Russian
Olympic Medals: 15
Year Inducted into IGHF: 2001

An Olympic record holder during his lifetime, Nikolai Andrianov was the most decorated athlete at the 1976 Olympics. A natural gymnast, Nikolai won seven gold, five silver and three bronze medals in his three year Olympic career. The master of precision, Andrianov's performance were always laced with supreme artistic expression and mastery.
Boris Anfiyanovich Shakhlin
Nationality: Russian
Olympic Medals: 13
Year Inducted into IGHF: 2002

Boris Shakhlin, also known as 'the Man of Iron', was one of the most successful gymnasts, having won 13 medals in three successive Olympics. He was well-known for his steely determination and calm consistency. He was placed among the most-decorated at the 1960 Games thanks to his record of four gold, two silver and a bronze medal. His overall medals include seven gold, four silver and two bronze.
Dmitry Vladimirovich Bilozerchev
Nationality: Russian
Olympic Medals: 4 Medals
Year Inducted into IGHF: 2003

A model of style, form and technique, Dmitry is one among the accomplished gymnasts. Post a devastating accident, Dmitry shined at the 1988 Olympics where he won three gold and a bronze medal. He was known for exhibiting exemplary form and technique.
Alexander Dityatin
Nationality: Russian
Olympic Medals: 10
Year Inducted into IGHF: 2004

Alexander Dityatin was the first male gymnast to have been awarded a perfect score for his fine performance in the horse vault. He won a medal in each of the gymnastics events at the 1980 Olympics making him the most decorated athlete at the event. His overall Olympic record includes three gold, six silver medals and a bronze medal spanning two Olympic games.
Greatest Female Gymnasts
Larisa Latynina
Nationality: Russian
Olympic Medals: 18
Year Inducted into IGHF: 1998

Call her 'supremo' or 'touch stone', Larissa Latynina is a common name in the history of Gymnastics. She has set an untouched Olympic Record of the most medals of which 9 are gold and five are silver. A ballet dancer, Larissa Latynina was known for her graceful performance on the floor. She was also honored with the Olympic Order in 1989 for her contributions to gymnastics.
Olga Korbut
Nationality: Russian
Olympic Medals: 6
Year Inducted into IGHF: 1988

Olga Korbut was the young girl with a radiant smile and personality who changed the perception of gymnastics. Well-known as the 'Sparrow of Minsk' Olga Korbut won four gold and two silver medals. Korbut is credited as the first to do a backward somersault both on the balance beam and the bars. She was also the first to be inducted into the International Gymnastics Hall of Fame (IGHF).
Nadia Comăneci
nadia comaneci
Nationality: Romanian
Olympic Medals: 9
Year Inducted into IGHF: 1993

Nadia Comăneci is considered to be the most celebrated gymnast thanks to her achieving a perfect 10 seven times. She was presented the Olympic Order in 1983 and then again in 2004 thus making her the only gymnast to be presented the order twice. Her clean and innovative technique, and cool demeanor earned her a perfect 10 score and five medals in 1976. Comaneci's Olympic career has garnered five gold, three silver and a bronze medal over a span of two Olympics.
Mary Lou Retton
Nationality: American
Olympic Medals: 5
Year Inducted into IGHF: 1997

Mary Lou Retton was the first American woman to have bagged a gold at the Olympics. Her career highlights include a gold in the All-Around category and 2 each of silver and bronze medals. She was named as the Sportswoman of the Year and the Amateur Athlete of the Year in 1984. She was eventually the most decorated athlete at the 1984 Olympics winning all of her five medals the same year.
Věra Čáslavská
Nationality: Czechoslovakian
Olympic Medals: 11
Year Inducted into IGHF: 1998

Věra Čáslavská was well-known for her extraordinary stage presence. Determined to the core, Čáslavská dominated at the Mexico City Olympics in 1968. She is also the only gymnast to have won every individual event at the Olympics and the second female gymnast to have won the all-around title twice. Her overall record includes seven gold medals and four silver medals over a span of three Olympic games.
These gymnasts have reached the top rung of the ladder all because of their perseverance, determination, and passion and consistency. Ultimately, in order to be the best you got to live the best; to surmise it in a few words "To be a champion, train like a champion."
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