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Top 10 NBA Players of All Time

Top 10 NBA Players of All Time
Who are the top 10 NBA players of all time? It's very hard to tell, as there are so many great talents who have and are currently out there on the basketball court. Nevertheless, here is an attempt to list down the very best of the lot.
Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi
Time has changed every sport, and so has it changed basketball. Making a list of the top 10 NBA players of all time is a tough task, as the game has changed drastically over time, and performances of players have changed due to the new rules which come out every now and then.
Michael Jordan
This name had to feature right at the top. Michael Jordan was the most amazing player in the history of basketball. Every time Jordan came onto the court, he defied gravity with his trademark Nike Airs basketball shoes. He was one of the most decorated and celebrated player in the history of his game. He played for the Chicago Bulls. There were many great players like Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman in the team, but Michael put the Chicago Bulls on the success map. He won six NBA championships, 32,292 points, 5 MVP titles, and a room full of awards and titles.
Magic Johnson
Known by his teammates as the creative passer, Johnson was one of the most unselfish players in the game, and inspired every one of his teammates to perform better and better as time went by. He held 5 NBA titles, and was also awarded 3 NBA finals MVP rewards.
Bill Russell
Bill Russell played basketball only for 13 seasons in the NBA, but won 11 championships. Russell has won more championships than any other player in the game. Only Henri Richards of the Montreal Canadians has won as many titles as Russell. Though great Bill scored thousands of points during his career, he was more popular for his defensive skills. He was also an incredible rebounder. He finished his career with over 21,000 points, and shares the title with Stilt for more than 50 rebounds in a single game.
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Kareem Abdul Jabbar was the highest scoring player in NBA history with 38,387 points. Jabbar stood 7'2'' tall, and along with Magic Johnson, he dominated the '80s era. He is best remembered for his signature skyhook shot, that had his competitors confused for a long time. Not as dynamic as Johnson, Jabbar made his dominant presence felt in every game that he played. He retired with 6 NBA championships and 6 NBA MVP titles.
Wilt Chamberlain
Chamberlain, popularly known as 'Stilt' on the court, won two NBA titles in his long career. But that doesn't make his contributions any less in this game. Stilt is the only player to score 100 points in a single game, and is one of two players to grab more than 50 rebounds in a single game. Chamberlain also enjoys the honor of being the only player to score more than 4,000 points in a single season. He retired gracefully with over 31,000 points, and nearly 24,000 rebounds. In his prime, Wilt the Stilt was one of the most dominant forces on the court.
Larry Bird
A furious player, Bird had one of the sweetest strokes in the history of the game. He was a delight to watch, and started his career with the Boston Celtics, and was part of one the greatest rivalries in the history of basketball. His Celtics and Johnson's Lakers were always fierce competitors, which created millions of fans and many memorable moments. He led the Celtics to 3 NBA titles in the '80s, and won the honor of the MVP finals.
Tim Duncan
Tim Duncan is a 4-time NBA champion, and plays for the San Antonio Spurs. He is also a 2-time NBA MVP, 3-time NBA Finals MVP, and NBA Rookie of the Year. This power-forward is the only player in the history of NBA to be selected to both All-NBA and All-Defensive Teams during each of his first 13 seasons.
Kobe Bryant
Shaq and Kobe never saw eye to eye, but both were players that brought the Los Angeles Lakers success and many titles. Kobe and Shaq were compared to each other in almost every move in the game. Kobe's speed and agility were the perfect partnership to Shaq's inside game. Kobe Bryant was born to be a star, and he proved his worth by getting a spot in the big club just after graduation. He holds the record of being the youngest player to score 10,000 career points, and also the youngest to score 20,000 points. He holds two MVP titles and has won 3 championships for his team, and he also scored 81 points in a single game against the Raptors, which is considered the second best in NBA history.
Shaquille O'Neal
Known as the Diesel, O'Neal was one of the dominant players to ever step foot on the court. He was always panned by critics as the worst free throw shooter in this history of this game. With a height of 7'1'' and weight which was over 300 pounds, Shaq was unstoppable on the court. He won 4 NBA titles, and scored over 25 points each game.
Oscar Robertson
Robertson was given a $33,000 signing bonus when he entered the world of basketball with the Cincinnati Royals in the 1960-61 season. He proved that he was worth every penny that the Royals had paid for him. He had a season average of 30.5 points, 10.1 rebounds, and 9.7 assists. Despite his heroic skills, Robertson only won 1 NBA title in his career, but will always be remembered as one of the greatest players around.
Of course, one would argue that there are many other great players who should have made this list. A few that can be mentioned are Julius Erving, Paul Peirce, Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, D. Howard, Olajuwon, John Stockton, LeBron James, Karl Malone, Kevin Garnett, Jason Kidd, and Derrick Rose. Add your favorite player to the comments section that follows.