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Triathlon Tips for Success

Abbie Faulkner May 24, 2019
A triathlon is known as a multisport race, featuring three endurance races. If you thought the life of a sportsman was difficult, it’s even more so for triathletes all across the world. They take part in swimming, biking and running.
There are four triathlon distances that are the most common. They are;
  • Sprint Triathlon
  • Standard/Olympic Triathlon
  • Half Ironman Triathlon
  • Ironman Triathlon

Master Your Physical Strength

You’d be pretty crazy to take on a triathlon without previous experience or training whatsoever.

There is a reason triathlon athletes take the time to prepare, diet and train consistently – to be the best version of themselves they can be for events, and to avoid potential injuries and issues that could occur.

Swimming Tips

Ensure your body temperature is relatively high before you enter the water. You can do this by having a quick jog or doing a pre-routine work out. You should get used to swimming in cold waters, so that your body can handle low temperatures.
Studies have shown that it takes at least 6-7 months to perfect and grasp a new technique. In order to adapt and be able to perform well under pressure for a long duration of time, this is crucial for any aspiring triathlete. There are quite a few must have swim accessories to improve performance overall.

Try These

  • Train like you race
  • Train in open water
  • Practice with eyes closed for 10 strokes
  • Focus on freestyle and backstroke
  • Monitor progress

Cycling Tips

It’s important that you have a proper bike fit when you’re training and racing. If you’re not 100% comfortable, it will impact your performance and cause you various issues that you’ve been trying to avoid.

It’s also wise to invest in a few pieces of kit like a helmet, bike lights, gloves and shoes.

Try These

  • Perfect the basic skills
  • Eat and drink as you ride
  • Don’t hunch your shoulders
  • Keep your shoulders behind the front wheel axle
  • Change hand positions regularly

Running Tips

After swimming and cycling, you have to face the dreaded run. This can be daunting for most sports people, but once you know what your body needs and wants to stay performing, it will be a little easier.

Try These

  • Build your distance
  • Run regularly on tired legs
  • Being leaner helps your quadriceps hurt less
  • Increase your cadence
  • Master strides
  • Learn plyometrics
Jodie Stimpson advises that you perform drills that activate your glutes. This is because it ensures you weight is on the back of your foot and not on your toes. She is a double Commonwealth champion.

Work on Your Mental Strength

Mental strength is just as important, if not more important, than physical strength. This is what keeps you going in a triathlon during the race.

Many athletes ‘hit the wall’ as it’s called, and this is essentially when you’ve run out of energy and you feel like you can’t go anymore. This can be prevented and overcome by eating the right diet.
Simple carbohydrates before and during endurance races helps boost energy and helps with glycogen levels. Electrolytes are also probably needed, but these can be consumed mostly in drinks or smoothies.

Nutritional Tips

Every athlete has a different diet, and it of course depends on how their body is built. In triathlons, food is fuel, so it’s important to get it right.
  • Eat a quality balanced diet
  • Be consistent with meals
  • Stay hydrated
  • Track progress and macronutrients
Before races, during and after, you should have a suitable diet in place which includes carbs, energy drinks, and recovery drinks or shakes.

By having the right mindset, consistent training program, the drive and determination to complete a triathlon, you will be good to go!