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Tips for Buying Used Golf Cart

Shrinivas Kanade Nov 18, 2018
A golf cart adds speed and style to your game. By saving you a few breaths, it keeps you fresh for the next shot. Here is information on buying a used golf cart.
You can choose either an electric or gas-powered golf cart depending on your inclination or need. The price of a new golf cart usually ranges from $4,000 to $15,000. The price of a used electric or a gas-powered golf cart is in the range of $2,000 to $5,000. Cost-wise, it is economical to buy a used golf cart.

Used Golf Cart Buying Tips

Personal Contacts

You may come to know that a used golf cart is for sale through your personal contacts. Have a look at the vehicle. Try to interact with the owner to know about the condition and performance of the cart. If possible test ride it.
If the vehicle's performance is already known to you, then it will be a deciding factor in your decision to buy it. You can also inquire if any of the golf courses, airports or resorts near your town is replacing its fleet.


If you are looking for a used golf cart in your locality, then it is a better idea to contact a dealer directly. The dealer may offer you a renovated golf cart. While renovating a cart, a dealer repairs it to restore it to working condition. Such a vehicle, cleaned and painted, looks almost new.
The dealer may offer a seller's warranty to cover you, in case of vehicle malfunction. Or, he may offer you a golf cart on 'as it is' basis without any warranty. Such a vehicle may have a new coat of paint and will be cleaned, though not thoroughly; it could prove to be the cheapest option.
On the other hand, it may breakdown often and you could lose money. Choose this option only if you really know about golf carts and its workings and how to maintain them. Test ride the vehicle to get a fair idea of its performance and suitability. It will help you to decide whether the vehicle is compatible with your needs or not.

Online Shopping

Nowadays, you can go to an internet websites such as eBay and check out the golf carts available for sale. Make sure you know as much as possible about the one that interests you. On such websites you have the option of participating in the auction to buy the cart or you can buy it immediately, if you want to match the cart's reserve price.
You may have heard one of two things about online shopping and may not like to invest thousands of dollars in a cart that you cannot touch or test drive. You can also check out the seller's feedback rating; higher it is the more reliable the seller is. It is important to know how much it will cost you to get the cart delivered to your place.

Golf Cart Buying Checklist

  • Does the golf cart appear well looked after?
  • Are any parts or accessories such as the seats, windshield, canopy or bag racks missing?
  • Check out cart's frame and body for damage, like dents or corrosion. Normally, it is made of steel or aluminum and replacing it can be a costly. Check out the quality of the repairs too, if any.
  • Check out condition of all the tires and suspensions. Test drive it to know that it runs smoothly, makes less noise and is easy to handle during turns and climbs.
  • If it is a custom modified golf cart with lift kits or flip seats, get a grip on your heart rate and check them thoroughly for the quality of the work and inquire about who conducted it.
  • If it is an electric golf cart, make sure that all the electric circuits and upgrades, such as high torque motors or controllers, are in order and batteries are not leaking.

Gas Powered Golf Carts

If you want to use the golf cart for hauling cargo, then surely you will need a box for the cargo. The price of the box will be an extra expense. Carts powered by diesel or gas engines can be used for heavy-duty loads. The operating range of these carts can be increased with a can or two of petrol or diesel stored in the back of the car.
If there's no electric supply at hand, gas or diesel-powered carts are the right choice. Both are quite expensive to maintain and operate than an electric golf cart. They are noisy and pollute the environment. A diesel-powered cart is more economical than a gas-powered one. 4-stroke engines are less noisy, cleaner and more economical than 2-stroke engines.
Gas or diesel-powered golf carts are not for you, if you want a silent and eco-friendly cart. Customers do not prefer these type of golf carts. This is an important point to consider, if you wish to sell it in the near future. Before buying a used gas-powered golf cart, check on the new models of the same type and the rising fuel prices.

Electric Golf Carts

People who use these type of carts for various purposes are preferring electric golf carts. Batteries function as the heart of this type of vehicles. These carts come in 24 volts, 36 volts, 48 volts and 72 volts models. A 48 volts model performs well, in most cases.
How much weight an electric golf cart carries, and at what speed, affects the operating range of the cart. Driving through rough terrain, climbing hills with heavy loads will be more taxing on the batteries than driving on a grass or asphalt road.
Try to match your needs to the carts available for resale. Suppose you need more pulling power or speed than the selected cart, then it can be modified. Electric golf carts are easier to modify than gas-powered carts, but you will have to spend extra money to do so. Electric golf carts are environment-friendly and less noisy.
If you are a golf player, buying a used golf cart will save you a lot of money and legwork. It can be put to other uses as well. Teenagers are using it to commute to college. You can use it to travel short distances and to run errands within the community where you live.
When you are playing golf, you are in direct contact with the elements; the sun warming your back, the wind playing with your hair, the green grass under your feet, and the open turf of golf course in front of you. Add another element to this experience, the wheels of your golf cart.