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What is the Right Men's and Women's Clothing Etiquette for Golf

What is the Clothing Etiquette for Golf
Golf has always been considered a gentleman's game and a lot of that has to do with the fact that there is certain sense of etiquette that is linked to the game, especially when it comes to its clothing.
Tulika Nair
Last Updated: Mar 7, 2018
When you watch a game of golf, what is the first thing that strikes you? Apart from the monumental amount of patience needed, there is something striking about the clothing that golfers wear. The game is high on rules and regulations and players are expected to conduct themselves in a certain manner. In fact it is one of those few games where there are particular rules about one's integrity and behavior on court. While there are no standardized rules regarding what to wear and what not to (it differs from course to course), there is a certain etiquette that you will be expected to follow if you are playing this game.
Proper Clothes for Golf
Proper etiquette is a huge part of the game and every player is expected to abide by the rules and regulations and behave in a manner considered worthy. Every management handling a golf course has different rules about what clothing it considers acceptable and what it does not put there is a certain elements of the attire that almost every club insists on.
Before you step out to play a game on the course, find out about the dress policy at the club in question. Most private and semi private courses have very strict rules about what is allowed and what isn't but with public course and municipal courses, the dress code may be slightly more relaxed. It is important that you look extremely presentable while playing a game. Given below is a list of apparel and clothing items that are acceptable on a golf course.
  • The shirt worn for a game is generally a t-shirt or a shirt with a collar. Most players opt to wear short sleeved shirts. It may be advisable to buy shirts of a brand that is known to be a golfing attire brand. If the day is chilly, then you could wear a sweater or a vest over your shirt.
  • Shorts and long pants are both acceptable while playing the game. Stick to shorts that reach a length that is just above your knees. They should have belt loops as well. If you are wearing long pants, then khaki pants are the most appropriate. Plaid pants are also extremely popular amongst players.
  • When wearing long pants, it is imperative that your socks match your pants. With shorts, it may be a good idea to wear socks that are light colored. If you are opting wear black shoes, then ensure that you wear black socks.
  • Most people remain unaware of what the proper shoes for a round on the course are. As a golfer, you will be expected to wear shoes with soft spikes and tread design on the sole. Always ensure that you carry along a pair of street shoes and change into your shoes before you go out onto the course. Metal spike shoes are strict no as they can ruin the course completely.
  • Hats are an important part of the clothing. Not only are they stylish but they also serve the functional purpose of shielding you from the sun. Both baseball caps and straw hats can be worn on the course. A visor is another stylish option that you can opt for.
These are the most important things to keep in mind while choosing proper clothes to wear on the golf course. For a woman playing the game there is a lot more freedom where choosing clothes is concerned. You can definitely opt for collarless shirts and knee length skirts but do not wear anything that is too revealing. As a novice golfer, it is important to know the clothing etiquette for the game. Hopefully, this article has answered any queries that you have.
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