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Why Football is The Most Popular Game in The World

Matt Thompson Dec 04, 2019
There is always an ongoing debate on what is regarded as the most popular game in the world. Whether you think American football, basketball or another game is suitable for the crown of being the most popular in the world, it comes with no doubt that football is a high contender. I doubt there is a healthy living adult person who hasn’t played football.
You have to question yourself time to time, what makes football so popular? The World cup in 2019 was viewed by an astounding 4 billion people. It’s enough to blow your mind when you realize the world population is 8 billion. It’s half the people watching the football World Cup! Get a breather.
There are a lot of contributing elements that make football a popular game. It is extremely cheap and money efficient for kids to play. It does not mean soccer is a cheap game or that it’s not fancy. It can get as fancy a game can be when needed but if you don’t fancy the expenses, football is a rather uncostly game to play with friends.

Why is Soccer So Popular?

Soccer is a decentralized game meaning it is played everywhere in the world. This being a fact is not the only reason why soccer has become so loved all over the world. There is a rich history behind football and its fans are extremely passionate. Some factors that contribute to its popularity are explained further.
  • Simplicity
  • It is Inexpensive
  • Has Rich History
  • Is player focused
  • A competitive sport
  • Interesting for viewers
  • Immersive
  • No age limits
  • Instinctive
  • Can play with team or solo
Football is a game, a sport of agility, control, and prediction. It manages to immerse the player completely and the extreme focus of the player is radiated throughout the field. The announcers and casters make the game much more intriguing. You have to thank the marketers and the sheer amount of advertising done for football each year.
Football, as the name implies, is a sport highly leg focused. What comes to mind when you think of legs and feet? A lot of things and shoes! Football alone has created a revelation in the shoe industry and the results are nothing less than astounding.
Footwears have a whole different outlook because of football. There are formal, casual, and due to sports, sport-shoes but most specifically football shoes that are built differently. Football shoes are made with agility and strength in mind with the addition of comfort and control when in the field.
Unlike most other sports relating to football, you can play football without buying anything at all. Some will grab a suitable substitute for a ball resembling a football and start playing, kicking around coconut shells is not uncommon. Since we were cave dwellers, we were hunters and football somehow awakens those hunters’ instincts in us.