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Wrestling Tips and Strategies

Wrestling Tips and Strategies
It is not only about muscles, but also about brains and smart strategies, when it comes to one the most popular sports in the world - wrestling. For some effective wrestling tips and strategies, keep reading.
Rajib Singha
Last Updated: May 31, 2018
It is not surprising that wrestling has become one of the most popular sports in the world that attracts millions of fans and merges successful merchandise and televised events. One of the major powerhouses of professional wrestling is the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and it has attracted 'loads' of fans over the years and the number is still increasing. This sport is a form of an ancient martial art, wherein, wrestlers followed techniques such as clinch fighting, throws, and takedowns, joint locks, pins, and several other grappling methods. Although the bout is more physical by nature, it also requires some 'play smart strategies' to gain an upper hand on one's opponent and maintain a superior position. This game centers around the wrestlers being equipped with gymnastic moves, extensively trained, mentally smart, and physically strong and well-built.
Tips On Wrestling
  • One of the most important strategies of wrestling is not to be apprehensive about the outcome of the match, but to focus on staying cool, calm, and in full control of yourself. Do not let any reactions from your fans, referees, or opponent distract you; employ an offensive philosophy going in and use proper attacks at the right time.
  • Be continuous in your attacks or more precisely, be a chain wrestler. Employ a strategy to lay a second attack if the first one does not work, and keep your opponent off balance by laying the first attack and continue to stay in the flow.
  • You are in the match to win and so is your opponent. So, never let this thought weigh you down, about how your opponent might feel or what if he gets badly hurt? As a person, you may have these and similar kinds of soft feelings, however, your opponent might not. He may have all the aggressiveness that is needed to win a match. So, your main strategy should be to keep all feelings and emotions out of the ring, and be as aggressive and brutal as a tiger!
  • You should believe that you are stronger than your opponent, and use it to overpower him and take control of the match. On the other hand, if your opponent seems stronger than you, then it would not be wise to waste your energy in fighting his strength. In such cases, concentrate on techniques and quick moves. As already mentioned, play smart and use your agility to your benefit.
  • Once out of the range of your opponent, try to relax your nerves and collect yourself. When you are back in range, ensure that you keep a proper body position and stay balanced. Stumbling even an inch, may present an opportunity to your opponent to take control of the match.
  • Do not waste your energy in maneuvering holds which are not open and always avoid keeping ear to ear positions. Instead, keep your forehead on his forehead and never let your opponent sense your fatigue.
  • Attacking is better than just defending yourself. As soon as the whistle blows or immediately after assuming the top position, lay your attacks and do not leave room for your opponent to react. Take him by surprise; this will allow you to fetch maximum points in the match.
  • Keeping a good control on your temper, but maintaining an even level of aggressiveness, are the two most beneficial strategies you should apply while wrestling. Most wrestlers just cannot keep their temper in check and when it erupts, they always tend to commit some nasty mistakes, which causes them to lose control and eventually the match. So, keep your temper and ego at bay, and instead, make your opponent lose his own and put his 'wrong foot forward!'
There is always more to such techniques and tips. Better than just knowing about them in 'black and white', it is best to seek advice from a professional trainer to know about the in-and-out of this sport. No matter how many and how deep the aspects are of this sport, the most important of all is to keep the match and the fight only to the ropes of the ring and not to let them brim outside and into your personal life. A perfect sportsman is one who keeps his professional life and personal life on the 'two opposite banks of a river'. Winning, of course, is every wrestler's prime objective. However, what's more important is to enjoy the spirit of the game and be a valuable part of it.
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