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Basketball Chants for Fans

Unique Basketball Chants for Fans to Cheer and Uplift Their Team

Are you looking for some good basketball chants to cheer your team this weekend? Here are some you can choose from and edge on your team to victory.
Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2018
Any game is incomplete without the chants and cheers of the fans in the background, and basketball is no exception. The yells and shouts of the supporters fuel the winning spirit of the players. For fans, cheering is a healthy way of demonstrating their support to their favorite team. Cheering creates a very lively and enthusiastic atmosphere in the stadium. Be it a local high school game or an NBA final, loud chants are a must to keep the game going in full spirit.
Chants for Fans
Clap your hands
Stomp your feet
Stand up, sit down,
Fight, fight, fight!

Give me a V
Dot the I
Curl the C

Let's all yell
Go Go
Fight fight
Win win!

Take it to the top
(Team name) don't stop!

We are (team name) fans
Let's up the score
Move it down the court for more
We want TWO!

We want a (team name)
We want another one
Just like the other one
We want a score
We want more... sink it!

Front to back
Left to right
Come on Knights
Fight, fight, fight!

Harder, harder
Try a little harder
Take it down the court
Put it in
Come on (team name)
Let's win!

Dribble dribble down the floor
Shoot that ball and raise that score!

More, more
(Team name)
Raise that score!

Team is behind...
You can win!
Don't give in
Stay in there
Fight! fight! fight!

Through the rim!
Through the rim!
Chants for Cheerleaders
This is how we do,
Shoot that ball right through the hoop
This is how we score,
C'mon give us 2 points more!

what are you waiting for?
Get up off your seat and
shake it to the beat

B-A-S clap,clap,clap,clap
K-E-T clap,clap,clap,clap
Basket For clap clap clap clap
A two point score! clap clap clap

You might be good at football
You might be good at track
but when it comes to basketball
You might as well step back!

Shoot 2 for a basket
The Foxes want to win
Shoot 2 for a basket
Up, up, and in!
Hey team
What's the scoop?
Put that ball right through the hoop
Put it up and in, put it up and in
Shoot 2,
Come on let's win!

Let's get fired up clap clap clap
Really fired up clap clap clap
Super fired up clap clap clap
(Team name)!
(Team name) are number 1
(Team name) are going to have some fun
(Team name) let me hear you scream
(Team name) just can't be beat!

The (team name) are here
And we're gonna cheer.
So just remember,
We'll never surrender
So move to the groove of the (team name) beat!

Raise that score!
Raise that score
Come on panthers
One point more!
Take that rebound
Dribble down the floor!
Shoot that basket
Raise that score!
Two points
Four points
Six points, eight
We got the team that really rates!

You can of course always modify these chants as per your liking. The purpose of cheering should be to elevate the morale of your team, and not to dampen the spirits of the other team. Hence, avoid offensive remarks about the other team while cheering on for your team.
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