Boxing Training Equipment

Boxing is one of the sports where one needs specialized training equipment. A boxer is expected to improve in a very specific set of skills, such as agility, strength, endurance, hand-eye coordination, and reflexes. Each one of the training equipment mentioned below plays a crucial role in making a boxer better.
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The training largely depends on how advanced the boxer is. Amateurs may not require all the training equipment listed below. The training routine for them is not demanding, as they are learning the techniques, and hence, just a punching bag and a speed bag will suffice. Elite boxers, on the other hand, need to fine tune their skills everyday, and keep their body in top condition, and hence, need most of the equipment listed below.
Heavy Punching Bag
A heavy punching bag is one of those large and heavy punching bags. These bags are heavy, and are used to increase the power of the punch the boxer throws. It toughens the hands, as it offers a lot of resistance because of the heavy weight. The heavy bag is primarily used to improve the power aspect of a boxer.
Speed Punching Bag
A speed punching bag is a small bag usually filled with air. A boxer uses this bag to improve his punching speed. The speed punching bag also helps a boxer devise his punching combinations. This bag also improves the hand-eye coordination of a boxer. Trainers also use speed bags to teach amateurs to shift weight between the feet while throwing punches.
Slam Man
The slam man is an opponent-shaped punching bag. It helps the boxer practice where to deliver his punches. Once the boxer knows the weak points of his opponent, he can practice punching those areas repeatedly on the height-adjustable slam man.
Focus Mitts
Focus mitts help in building the technique of a boxer. The trainer wears them, and the boxer is told to punch the mitt. The trainer will then vary the position of the mitts, and even put in a counter-force every now and then. Trainers will also throw in a few punches themselves, and the boxers are expected to dodge them, hence, also training them in defensive maneuvers.
Medicine Ball
While the first three training equipment focused on improving the punching of the boxer, the medicine ball is a crucial element in improving the strength of the boxer. A medicine ball is a fairly heavy ball, the diameter of which is equal to the shoulder-width of the boxer. It is used by the boxer in a variety of plyometric exercises, which help build the strength of the boxer.
Jump Rope
The jump rope is one of the best ways by which a boxer can warm up before a training session. Jump ropes are also used in improving footwork by using different combinations of jumps. It also helps in improving agility and aerobic endurance.
Protective Equipment
Protective equipment is equally important, because it makes sure there is no untoward injury during training. Hand wraps are used to prevent injuries to the knuckles, and prevent awkward movements of the wrists. It also lends strength and support to the ligaments and tendons, hence, preventing sprains and injury. There are special gloves for speed bags and sparring which vary in protective strength (padding). Headgear is used to protect the head during sparring. A Mouthpiece is used to prevent injury to the gums and teeth. Protective gear is essential to prevent injury during training, and must be compulsorily worn.
Apart from the training equipment listed above, boxers also use calisthenics and jogging to fine tune their bodies.