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Cheerleading Award Ideas

Ideas for Cheerleading Awards to Appreciate Their Support

Awards are a great way to recognize the efforts and lift the spirits of the cheerleading squad. Read on to know the different categories that can be created as well as the various kinds of awards that can be given to the cheerleaders, by the school/college authorities...
Aastha Dogra
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2018
Cheerleader Award
Can you ever imagine a soccer game at a college without the proverbial, energetic cheerleaders? It's virtually impossible, isn't it? Cheerleaders are an indispensable part of sports today. With their enthusiasm and deadly moves, they involve the crowds in the game, completely transforming the atmosphere at the playground! To keep up their energy levels and as a token of appreciation for the best performers, they are given awards by their respective school or college authorities. This SportsAspire article suggests some unique cheerleading award ideas, for such a ceremony. Have a look...
Interesting Awards for Cheerleaders
Cheerleading awards can be given in a variety of categories. The purpose of such awards is to acknowledge the efforts made by a particular squad member. Here is a list of some of the categories that you can choose for such awards:
  • Most Energetic Cheerleader
  • Best Smile
  • Most Dedicated Cheerleader
  • Best Team Player
  • Most Courageous Cheerleader
  • Most Easygoing Cheerleader
  • Most Improved Cheerleader
  • Most Attentive Cheerleader
  • Most Versatile Cheerleader
  • Perfect Attendance
  • Best Jump
  • Best Flyer
  • Most Athletic Cheerleader
  • Most Confident Cheerleader
  • Best Splits
  • Best Cartwheels
  • Best Stunt Technique
  • All Round Performer
  • Most Flexible Cheerleader
  • Most Talkative Cheerleader
  • Most Well Dressed Cheerleader (on the day of the event)
Besides these categories, you can keep some fun awards, such as, "The Dancing Diva" or "The Awesome Attitude" and ask the sports players to vote for the winners. Another funny idea is to hold a competition for the cheerleaders, and give away prizes such as the longest handstand, the lowest split, the highest kick, etc. When you are giving away awards, see to it that each and every cheerleader is recognized for her efforts and given an award or a gift. Look at the qualities and strengths that the girls possess and then accordingly decide on a category for her.
Once the categories are decided, it's time to choose the awards and the gifts. Trophies which have the name of the cheerleader carved on it, along with the team's mascot, make for great awards. These days, unique kinds of trophies are available which have crystals on them or are hand painted. You can choose such trophies to give the ceremony a fun appeal. The cheerleaders too would love to receive such unusual looking trophies as a memory of their cheerleading stint at the school.
Plaques, lapel pins and medals are some other means that you can use to facilitate them. Besides these, you can even plan to give some small gifts. Necklaces, bracelets, a bunch of balloons, makeup sets, you can gift anything that you feel will make the teen girls happy! T-shirts, on which the team's name, mascot's picture or the school name are printed, would look great too as gifts. The girls will feel immense pride, every time they wear this t-shirt and thus, would appreciate this gift from the school.
Everyone knows that cheerleading is not easy. It requires a whole lot of dedication and hard work to become skilled at it. By giving awards, the school authorities are recognizing the efforts of the cheerleaders. An award ceremony at the end of the season is a good way to bid farewell to the senior girls as well. In a way, they serve as an inspiration to young girls to give their best to this unique sport! That's why, planning a cheerleading award ceremony and giving away some memorable trophies and gifts, is a win-win situation for everyone - senior as well as young aspiring cheerleaders and the school authorities!
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