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Cheerleading Cheers and Chants for Baseball

Cheerleading Cheers and Chants for Baseball

Cheerleading chants and cheers help in transforming the mood of the game and bringing about an infectious flow of energy. If you're looking for some of that magic, this following SportsAspire article will help you with exactly that, by providing you with a whole lot of cheers and chants.
Rujuta Borkar
Along with chanting the cheer, make a lot of noise by adding beats with claps or other instruments. This not only makes the chant more attention-grabbing, but lends a lot of energy to the crowd.
The kind of excitement and raw energy that a game of baseball lends to, is probably unequaled by most other sports. It's one of the most beloved games in all of USA, no doubt. Given its popularity, one must think that the cheerleading chants and cheers that form an integral part of most sports must be a common feature of this game as well―not so. It's quite surprising that baseball does not have the traditional cheers and chants that one would hope for. Which is what we're trying to change by giving you a list of the best baseball cheers for cheerleading.
Cheers and chants not only bring about the fighting spirit and pride in a team and its supporters, but it also helps the team members to strive hard and give it all they've got. These cheers give them the confidence that their people are rooting for them and want them to excel.
So there's an upcoming game and you need some chants for the same? No problem. We give you a comprehensive list of some of the best, really catchy, and awesome baseball cheers.
Baseball Cheers and Chants
Hey, Hey!
Hey, Hey!
Are you ready?
Are you ready?
To play!
Say, Go team!
Go team!
(Team name) all the way!
Hit it!

We are the (team name) and we got that beat!
So come on y'all and move off your feet!

Hit it!

Mighty, mighty, mighty (team name)
Do it, do it, do it, do it!
Mighty, mighty, mighty (team name)
Do it, do it, do it, do it!
Let's get fired up!
Get rough, get tough, get mean!
Let's get fired up!
And roll right over that team!

(** Repeat 3 times)
Or even a curve,
Pitch, Pitch, Pitch that ball!
We don't care how,
but strike him out!
Hey, Hey!
You get out of our way!
Today is the day,
We will put you away!
We're number one!
Can't be number two!
And we're going to beat,
The whoopse out of you!
(Team name) are ready!
(Team name) are smooth!
(Team name) will take control,
And stomp all over you!
Whatever it takes!
When he hits that ball,
We wanna see the bat break!
(Team name) fans in the stands,
Get on up and clap your hands!
Yell - Goooooo (team name)!
Yell - Goooooo (team name)!
Come on team, let's go, let's fight,
Let's win this game tonight!
Open up the barn doors,
Kick out the hay,
We are the girls from the USA
Turn up the radio,
What do you hear?
The (squad name) bringin' on the cheer
You gotta F-I-G-H-T you gotta F-I-G-H-T you gotta F-I-G-H-T
Down the field,
Over the line!
Let's do it!
Let's fight tonight!
And do it right!
Let's fight and win tonight!

Here we go, ready to roll,
We're the (Team name),
We're green and gold!
One more time! Do it again!
Come on (Team name)! Let's WIN-WIN-WIN!
We are number one!
We can't be number two!
So if you step up in our way, you might as well move
'Cause we're climbing higher each and every day
So (opponent team name) move outta our way!
Stand up and cheer!
Let 'em know we're here!
C'mon (team name) don't be lame!
You'll win the game!
We're back!
And better than before
(Team name) are here to rock the floor!
So come on crowd, get with us!
Stand up on your feet,
(Team name)
We won't be beat!
We are here to have some fun.
So sit down and watch out,
We have just begun!
Yeah! (Team name)
We're number one!
We've got Razzmatazz!
Pep, Punch, and Pizzazz!
Hey, you―You've been had!
(Team name) got Razzmatazz!
Ready? Okay!

(Team name) spirit!
Yea! Get up, get up!
Let's hear it!
Yell for the team that is the best!
Come on crowd yell―(Team name) (Team name)!!
Yea, that's right!
Let's go, let's fight, let's win!
(Team name) alright!
Stronger than steel,
Hotter than the sun;
(Player's name) won't stop,
Till he gets the job done!
Now do you see it? The sheer power that these chants have of turning anoh-so-dull  game to an oh-my-god game? Picture the entire stand, up and chanting these cheers one after the other, and the entire crowd just building the momentum higher and higher and higher! Pure sports magic, this.