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Basic Cheerleading Stunts That are Ideal for Beginners

Cheerleading Stunts for Beginners
Cheerleaders are famous across the world. Their amazing stunts and postures make them the most loved performers on the sports field. Here are a few cheerleading stunts that can find you a way to be a part of this exciting and cheerful activity.
Niharika Arya
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
What do you remember when you think about a sports ground? Players, referee, audience and yes, cheerleaders. Cheerleaders are among the most enthusiastic people on the sports field. They encourage the players, make the environment more colorful and amaze the audience with some extraordinary stunts. Cheerleading started in America and then got world wide recognition and appreciation. It is no more just a fun game, as many people take it as a career option too. Starting with the cheerleading stunts for beginners to the most difficult stunts, everything whatever they do is beautiful and full of energy.
From high school sports team to the international sports teams, in US, every team has their own cheerleaders. These teams have a wonderful history of cheerleading and it is also one of the most coveted activities. It is a great combination of dance, gymnastics and athletic activities. To start as a beginner, you need to first make up your mind about it as it looks very easy but is not everyone's cup of tea. So, if you have decided and are mentally prepared for this enthusiastic sport, then you need to start with the cheerleading stunts basics.
Clothes You Need to Wear
You must have noticed that the cheerleaders always wear the same colored clothes as the team they are supporting. This helps the audience to recognize the team they are cheering. They wear bright colorful clothes. Men wear shorts and matching colored sweaters and women wear blouses and skirts or shorts. As you are planning to start as a beginner, you could just buy a short skirt and a proper fitted blouse. Wear comfortable clothes as you have to do stunts and moves which will include stretches, jumps, etc., and yes, don't forget to put on your sports shoes.
Basic Positions in the Stunts
If you are a beginner, you need to learn the basics very carefully. Dancing is fun and quite simple too but the stunts can make you go mad if not done correctly. The basic positions in a cheerleading stunt consists of the base, the flyer and the spotter. You should know all the three positions and should master at least one.
The base is a person who gives the base to the stunt. To be a base, you need to develop strong legs as the base has to bear the weight of the flyer. The flyer is a person who performs the jumps and completes the stunt. To become a flyer, you have to work really hard and should always be careful. Now the last person in the stunt is the spotter. Spotter is usually the tallest person in the group. Their work is to catch the flyer in case of any falls. Spotter is the most important person as he/she makes the flyer secure and confident while performing the stunts.
Easy Cheerleading Stunts
Following are some of the stunts which can be considered perfect for the beginners. The stunts can be dangerous so perform them in the presence of some expert.
Pony Sit Or Pony Mount
This is one of the easiest cheerleading stunts. This will need the base, the flyer and the spotter. First the base should bend her legs a bit, placing her hands over the thighs with locked arms and head up. Then the flyer will sit on the back of the base by keep her knees on the thighs of the base. The flyer should sit bit higher to reduce the risk of hurting the base. Now as the work of a spotter is to protect the flyer, she holds the flyer at her waist for supports.
Double Thigh Stand
This is a very important stunt for beginners as you can make full use of it by making variations. Two base are required in this stunt who should have deep lunges. The flyer will step up on one of the base's lunge and then put her other leg on the other base's lunges. The flyer should remember not to keep her legs on the thighs of the base. The spotter holds the waist of the flyer to give her support.
Swedish Fall
This stunt requires three base and a flyer. All the three base should support the flyer with their arms locked. The flyer should have a tight body and her arms locked. One base holding the arms of the flyer, one holding her waist and the third holding the flyer's hips in a lifted position. The flyer should point her toes outward as this will give a good look to the stunt.
Hanging Stag
This stunt is also very important as it can be used in various positions and combination. Two base are required in this stunt. The flyer should spread her arms in a 'T' position with arms locked. Both the base will hold her from the arms and her wrist and will lift her up. The spotter will hold her at her waist.
L-Sit & L-Stand
First we will talk about L-sit stunt. The base will make a deep lung where the flyer will sit while placing one of her foot on the lunge and the other foot stretched and pointed out. The base holds the pointed foot of the flyer from the calf. Now coming to the L-stand there are two base in it. The flyer places one foot on the main base's lunge and other foot is lifted side wise by the other base. The main base should keep her legs locked all the time. The spotter holds the flyer on the waist.
I know as you were going through the stunts you must be imagining the positions, and when you will try it then you will get to know that it's not so easy. But as you know practice makes a man perfect you definitely have to work hard to get perfection. It is always advisable to perform it under the supervision of some experienced cheerleading professional.
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