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Cool Team Name Ideas

Cool Team Name Ideas That are Simply Too Great to Ignore

Are you searching for some cool names for your tram? Then you have come to the right place. Here is how to go about choosing an appropriate name for your outfit, followed by some really awesome examples for you to choose from, or get an idea.
Rutuja Jathar
Last Updated: May 20, 2018
The search for cool team names can be never ending and pretty frustrating if you are not aware of what that name should represent. A team name is a really important factor that plays on the mindset of each member belonging to the team. It represents the glorious history as well as character of that sporting club or team. Besides, the name also has to be such that your fans and the viewers relate to it in some way or the other. There are a few norms related to giving names to sports teams that you need to follow, so as to gain the same amount of respect from your opponents that you have for your own team.

Therefore, there are a few things that you need to consider when it comes to naming a team. You can keep the following tips in mind while selecting the best names for soccer, football, baseball, basketball, or any other sport, for that matter.

Choosing an Appropriate Name

In the quest of choosing a cool name, you need to look for such names that reflect the amount of confidence, teamwork, power, togetherness, competitiveness, and challenging nature of the team that you are playing for. Since you are giving name to a 'team', you need to be considerate about the feelings of all team members. You can take suggestions from all members and then zero down on a name that gets maximum positives. You can also stress on your 'linguistic intelligence' and just shuffle through the words, by changing their sequence, adding acronyms, and puns. For instance, JOG, KISS, RUNRS (RUNNERS), etc.

You can also take inspiration from your favorite songs, books, quotes, movies, etc. For instance, Smells Like Team Spirit, Tramps Like Us, Chariots of Fire, etc. If you are looking for something funny, then you can try making pun of some words. For instance, defeat - de feet, wine - whine, etc. All in all, it is all about being confident about the name that you are giving to your team. You can also be completely random and select some really funny name like Bogowohgobe!

Another option is to add the city, club, school, or state that you belong to, in order to make a unique team name. For instance, Atlanta Hawks, New York Americans, etc. You can also add the name of a fierce animal before your city, club, or state's name. For instance, Bald Eagles, Californian Bulldogs, White Tigers, etc.

Cool Team Names

One Eyed Jacks
Sons of Pitches
The Insoluble Fraction
Average Joes
Flying Magnetos
Older Spice Originals
Toxic Sushi
Fear This
American Eagles
Atomic Fireballs
Flaming Cheetahs
Mighty Lions
Winged Scapulas
Mighty Movers
Sharktooth Shooters
Orange Dots
No Name Necessary
Captain Kidd and the Mateys
Starlite Warriors
Sting Rays
Striking Cobras
Peaches N'Sync
Team Boozies
Green Raptors
Hurricane Rush
Pure Insanity
Rabid Squirrels
Jalapeno Peppers
Cleats on Fire
Red Raptors
Red Wolves
Rough Boyz
Extreme Attitude
Team Ninja
Total Nightmare
Wuzz up Girlz
Killer Whales

You need to be really spontaneous while selecting the best name. This way, you will also come up with some other uncommon and creative name, like 2Hott4U, 2xtreme, 24K, 911-You'll Need It, etc.