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Incredibly Awesome Dodgeball Team Names - Take Your Pick

Dodgeball Team Names
Looking for cool dodgeball team names? As interesting and exciting the sport is so should be your team name. Define your team spirit with quirky, offbeat and cool team names.
Kundan Pandey
Last Updated: Feb 19, 2018
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Dodgeball is a recreational game that is usually played among children, but often enjoyed by adults too. The simple and fun nature of the game makes it an ideal stress buster. Since it is mostly played for unwinding purposes, players try to come up with innovative and humorous names for their teams.
Team Names for Everyone
Dodgeball balls set up to start the game
The Invaders
The Punishers
The Ball Busters
The Dodgers
Moving Targets
Bulls Eye
Target Practice
Hammer Throwers
Hard Hitters
Team Names for Boys
Dodge Ball player getting hit on the face
The Dirty Ballers
Quick Fox
Hard Targets
Ball Boys
Buck Wild
Lad Balls
Punk Ballers
Target Chaps
Junior Mafia
Team Names for Girls
Smiling girls with dodgeball
The Scoring Girls
Dynamite Divas
Little Angels
The Dodger Barbies
The Fast Cats
The Galaxy Girls
The Ice Angels
The Rocket Girls
The Purple Dolphins
The Daisies
Funny and Innovative Team Names
Dodgeball with white stripe isolated
Much Ado About Balls
The Dodgefathers
Never Stop Ballieving
The Balls Syndrome
Skillz That Killz
Dodge a Wrench
The Besticles
Daffy Duckers
Duck Forest Duck
Target Locked
It's Raining Balls
Balls Royce
Balls on Fire
Money for Balls
Ball of Fame
Freight Duck
We're Aiming for The Fat One
We Got Balls
Two Balls One Cup
Ball of Duty
Balled Eggs
Going Balled
When a Stranger Balls
Let's Dodge!
There are many possible ways on arriving at the best team names. Here are a few tips.
  • Make note of famous team names and try to alter few words/phrases of the name.
  • Pick team names based on the color of the team's dress.
  • Try to be creative and note down the initials of the names of all players and come up with a team name!
  • Try to keep the name of your team based on some themes that complement the strength and values of your team.
  • Choose team names by considering the prefix or suffix of your school name.
  • If you are corporate professionals, you can come up with cool team names by considering your line of work.
So now that you have a fair idea about creative and funny names, go ahead and pick one for your dodgeball team. Or use these as ideas to generate some of your own.