FIFA Rankings 2012

The latest FIFA rankings take into account the matches that were played in Euro 2012, besides others. Let's have a look what these rankings have in store for us this time.
FIFA Ranking Process
FIFA rankings take into account all international and friendly matches played over the last 4 years. Results from the last 12 months count as full, those from the previous year count as half, and results of three and four years back give less value. Points are awarded and deducted based on a team's strength, result of the match, and opponent's strength.
Spain has a healthy 150+ point lead over second-placed Germany at the top. Brazil and France do not find a place in the top 10.

As far as the top 20 are concerned, Colombia moves up a good 13 places to come into the top 10 at number 9. Denmark drops 8 places to go to number 18. Overall, the biggest gainer is Bulgaria, who move up 34 places to land at number 55. Biggest drop is by Luxembourg, who slip down 36 places to land at number 142.

FIFA World Rankings - Oct. 2012
3↑ 1Portugal1259
4↑ 3Argentina1208
5↓ 2England1156
6↑ 2Netherlands1141
7↓ 2Uruguay1140
8↓ 2Italy1106
9↑ 13Colombia1102
10↑ 1Greece1029
11↓ 2Croatia1023
12↑ 1Russia1014
13↑ 2France1011
14↓ 2Brazil1001
15↑ 5Switzerland983
16←→Côte d'Ivoire951
17↓ 3Chile948
18↓ 8Denmark944
19↑ 2Mexico925
20↓ 3Ecuador902

The next set of FIFA rankings will be released on November 7, 2012. Stay tuned to this space for the updates as they happen.