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Great Fundraising Ideas for Sports Teams

Need some fundraising ideas for sports teams and can't come up with any? In the following article, that is what we will be providing you with. Read through and take ideas.
SportsAspire Staff
Way too many sports events happening this year around and the school just can't cope with the funding for the one that is coming up. So, it either means you get the funds or you forfeit going for it altogether. What if I told you that you could still go on and make the event that you planned for a successful one without having to depend on the school for anything? That would be ideal, yes? In that direction, holding a fundraising event is one of the most perfect ways of raising some much-needed funds. Since you require the funds for a sports event, let's make the ideas about the fundraising, sports-centric. Then again, a good mix of different ideas will garner more results. So take your pick from some of these easy fundraising ideas.
Creative Fundraising Ideas
As many times as there have been fundraising events, there have been those list of similar ideas that have made way, you know? Selling baked goods, auctioning things off, holding a garage sale, car wash and the like. How about we get a little more creative and give you some of the fundraising opportunities for college sports teams or even high school sports teams that you can use?
The following are some really good fundraising ideas for sports teams that you can use. You'll have the perfect one ready when you're done reading this piece.
Event What it Entails
Bands Fighting it Out Each school usually has a band. So all you do is invite the bands from varied colleges or schools in your community and hold a competition of sorts. Don't forget to advertise for the same in the local newspapers, mentioning the cause for which you're holding the competition. This will encourage people to attend. Charge an entry fee. The band that wins, gets a prize. This idea could also work with different school choirs.
Swimming for Money As a fun event, hold a contest that has companies donating for the cause, as well as charging an entry fee. The event is quite simple, for every lap that is swum, there has to be a small donation made.
Bench Press and Cash Gather about the toughest players of the school team and set them up for a competition against the players of other schools. Get them to bench press for money. The heavier the weight, the more the money.
Bursting Balloons and More Hold a fun contest that anyone can participate in. Blow a whole load of balloons and have certain balloons filled with notes that offer gifts, along with one that has a special prize. The way this works is rather simple - the person has to sit on the balloon and break it to reveal what is inside. If they are lucky, they get the prize. Collect your money by charging an entry fee.
All Day Dance Simple idea that works really well. Hire a hall and have a music and dance marathon the whole day through. People have to pay to get in and the couple/person who manages to dance the longest, wins.
Destroying the Goalie Hold a contest of the goalies against the world. Pick some of the best goalies in your team and have people come up and try scoring goals against them. Make sure that you make it clear the reason you're holding the contest for.
Some of the best fundraising ideas are those that center around a fun element and theme. In that way, these are some of the best ideas for raising funds. Try them and you'll see just what I mean.