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5 Interesting Games to Play on Horseback That Make Riding Fun

Horseback Riding Games
Games related to horseback riding are great for giving amateurs a change from normal training. Besides being interesting, the students learn without the actual learning environment.
Medha Godbole
Last Updated: Feb 28, 2018
Didn't those kings and knights in shining armors look great on horseback? Come to think of it, their successors are still there with us―those who are expert horse riders today and particularly a part of equestrian games. But jokes apart, horses are absolutely delightful and graceful creatures. Horseback riding needs an inbuilt sense of balance and love for these divine creatures.
From the Horse's Mouth
This is a horse riding game which is just the same as musical chairs. Position ground poles in a parallel setting, around 8 feet apart. This will create horse parking lots in the center of the arena. Now, the game revolves around these poles, and the students will do as they are commanded to. They can be told to do anything―trot, canter, halt, half circle, circle, and reverse circle. Till the music is on, the students have to do either of these things. The moment the music stops, the riders must reach the parking lot, continuing in the same direction. The rider who does not get a parking lot or does not reach one, is out. Take away a pole after every 1 or 2 rounds. The one who is able to stay till the last by getting hold of a spot, is the winner.
Two for Joy
This is a relay game, played in pairs. Each pair is given one horse, for starters. Then, the event begins with one player mounting and riding the horse till where the other player is waiting. At that juncture, the one who gets down should immediately help the other player mount. The pair which finishes this task in the shortest time possible is declared the winner.
Barrel Racing
This is a game where the maneuvering and controlling skills of the horse and rider are tested. These are tested through a preset formation of barrels. This is great for getting a good balance and control over the horse. The best part about it is that, even though it was initially meant and supposed to be for the fairer sex, now it is equally enjoyed by women and men.
Red for Stop and Go for Green
In this game, the students are asked to ride in a straight line, from an end of a ring to the other end, and listen carefully to the commands. If they hear 'red', they are supposed to walk their horse. Red means they would need to trot their horses. One mistake and the rider has to go back 5 steps. The one who crosses the finishing line first is declared the winner. It is one of those games which helps amateurs in developing eye contact and body language. It helps in controlling the horse and keeping the beast calm. Polo is another game, but it is played by professionals.
Steer Wrestling
This is an absolutely wacky version of bull fighting. The rider here mounts the horse and chases a bull. Once the rider catches up with it, he or she has to jump off the horse and wrestle with the bull by holding onto its horns. That is it. But this is not exactly a sport which amateurs would want to indulge in, as there is a considerable risk involved it.
Apart from these, if you are not a 'go out there and do it' types, you can choose from the galore of virtual horse riding games available online.
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