Life Story of Mike Vick

Michael Dwayne Vick is a professional football player from America. He is a quarterback and currently a free agent.
Michael Vick grew up in Virginia, USA, born to Brenda Vick and Michael Boddie in 1980. He has three siblings, and the children witnessed much strife for survival all through their childhood. In spite of two jobs, his mother had to apply for public finance assistance. His father worked for animal rescue operations, as well as made some extra money as a spray-painter. The family somehow preferred 'Vick' as family name. Michael grew up in a public housing project within a neighborhood that was crime-ridden and popularly referred to as 'Bad Newz' in the Urban Dictionary. The place was infamous for drug deals, shootouts, and abuse.
Mike would do anything to escape the ordeal of his surroundings. He abhorred the stress and violence that surrounded him in the neighborhood. Initially, his father Michael Boddie used to travel frequently. But, he always found time to teach his sons football skills. In fact, he was nicknamed Michael 'Bullet' when he was just three years old. He played with great maneuvers and speed, and used to coach his younger brother, Marcus. Michael 'Ookie' Vick learned American football maneuvers from Aaron Brooks, his second cousin. The boys spent a lot of time together, and by the time he was seven, his parents and local coaches were aware of his talent.
As a freshman at the Homer L. Ferguson High School, he stunned the management and friends with his athletic ability. From there, once the school closed down in 1996, he attended Warwick High School. Here, he played for the Raiders, and passed for 4,846 yards with 43 touchdowns! Coach Reamon helped Michael with his higher education, and was instrumental in the family's choice of Virginia Tech for higher studies. Frank Beamer, his new coach at Virginia Tech, not only provided and supported him with quality time to practice, but also helped him to play as a Hokie. Mike Vick played as a redshirt freshman, and stunned one and all with his football prowess. He was popular for his rushing touchdowns and spectacular flips. He led the Hokies in the 2000 Nokia Sugar Bowl, and was able to come back into the reckoning by reducing the 21 points deficit. He also made it to 'ESPN The Magazine' for his achievement.
Vick also led the NCAA, and was awarded the ESPY Award and Archie Griffin Award. The 2000 season witnessed a career high of 210 yards against the Eagles, and a 48-20 win against West Virginia. Vick led the Hokies against Syracuse, and won with a 55 yard run! In his final game for Virginia Tech in the Toyota Gator Bowl, he was declared MVP. Thereafter, Mike left Virginia Tech and followed his dream to become a professional football player. He was selected for the 2001 NFL Draft as No. 1. As a professional football player for the Atlanta Falcons, Vick earned fame and glory for his performances and through dedicated commercial endorsements. The boy from Virginia was announced 'one of the top 10 richest US athletes' in 2006.
Things soured in April 2007, when his privately owned dogfighting complex in Surrey County was discovered by the state and federal authorities. The result was negative publicity and NFL suspension. He also lost out on a number of promotional 'endorsement' agreements. His 23-month sentence at the State Penitentiary in Leavenworth began with a number of charges and fines being dropped on account of 'good behavior'. Lost income and litigation expenses made him file for bankruptcy in July, 2008. His assets were estimated at $16 million, but financial data showed liabilities of $20 million. In prison, he continued to work and support his mother.
After his release, he was not taken back by the Falcons. Numerous attempts to trade him too failed. Vick joined the Philadelphia Eagles in 2010 as a starting quarterback. He married Kijafa Frink in 2012, and is currently a free agent.