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Best Gloves for Punching Bags

Best Gloves for Punching Bags

Boxing gloves are a mandatory safety precaution in boxing. These are special gloves that offer more protection to the hands, and also, to some extent, protect the boxer who is receiving the punches.
Rahul Thadani
There are dozens of different kinds of punching gloves that are available in the market today, and it all depends on the level of experience of the boxer, and the intensity of the training regimen. You can find different variations in the sizes, weight, and most importantly, the material with which the gloves are made. It is also very important for you to actually wear the gloves yourself and try them on a punching bag, so that you get an idea about how comfortable and effective they actually are.

One set of gloves that are perfect for one person for boxing, may not suit another person at all. Hence, choosing the right set for yourself is something that should be given a lot of attention.

Best Gloves to Use on Punching Bags

The price range for these gloves are from around $15 to about $125 depending on your needs. Some of the famous brands for boxing gloves are as follows.
  • Ringside
  • Everlast
  • Harbinger
  • Top Contender
  • Lonsdale
  • Combat Sports
  • Grant Campeon
  • Throwdown
  • Grant
  • Fairfax
  • Cleto Reyes
  • Century
Ringside and Everlast are two brands that are quite popular amongst professionals, and if you want the best quality and design, you should opt for these two. The downside is that the gloves from these brands will cost you a fair amount of money. Once you decide on a budget and a brand, here are some options that are worth considering.
  • Original super bag gloves - These are the gloves that brought the Ringside brand to the public eye, and they cost around $70.
  • Extra soft training gloves - These are made by Top Contender, and they are quite reasonable at $20. Their softness lends a different air to your boxing workout.
  • Molded foam gloves - Another great set of gloves by Ringside, these are ideal for professional punching bag workouts. They will cost you around $80.
  • Protex-2 gel training gloves - Costing around $60, these gloves by Everlast are good for gym workouts and the occasional sparring sessions.
  • Men's WristWrap MMA Gloves - Made by Harbinger, these gloves cost around $50. They have built-in wrist wraps, which make them one of the well-known gloves around, and also make them ideal for training exercises.
  • Deluxe vinyl bag gloves - These are made by Century, and will cost you around $30. The vinyl layer on them offers good protection for the hands, which make this a good set of gloves for someone who has an injury on their hands.
  • Muay Thai style gloves - Made by Fairfax, these gloves are made of hard leather, and are perfect for all kinds of training and workouts. They will cost you around $90.
Apart from these, there are many brands that you can choose from. You need to take the padding of the gloves into consideration as well. The way different companies distribute weight on the gloves offers different features. For instance, some are good for adding more weight to the blow itself, but this results in lesser protection for the hands. This is where the intended usage of the gloves and the techniques adopted also come into the picture. Gloves that are going to be used for heavy bags, need to have laces on them, as this offers more stability, and they should also offer more protection to the hands. Gloves that are to be used for sparring purposes, need to provide more force in the blows. The weight of ranges from 8 to 20 oz, and getting a pair that weighs around 16 oz is a good choice.

You should also consider consulting an expert, preferably a good trainer, as he will help you get a better idea about them. Buying the right gloves can do wonders for your punching technique, and it will also protect your hands from injury.