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20 Unique and Catchy Powderpuff Football Slogans

20 Unique and Catchy Powderpuff Football Slogans
Powderpuff football is played by high-school girls as an annual event. These girls are way dedicated about their sport and winning. Every sport needs slogans and sayings to popularize their team, and to motivate the players. SportsAspire presents powderpuff football slogans that are unique and hilariously funny.
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Powderpuff T-slogan Suggestions
Powderpuff Angels
Pretty and Powerful
Mud Cats
Look Pretty, Play Dirty.
Powderpuff football is an annual event played by high-school girls, usually before their homecoming. This is a flat or touch football game, commonly played in the U.S. and Canada.
The name of this game originated from powder puff―the circular soft pad used to apply cosmetic, which conveys that these soft creatures (girls) may look softer on the outer, but they are really aggressive when it comes to playing. Girls come from various classes, forming teams, and these teams are coached by guys who play football. The funds collected by selling tickets is often given to charities or senior girls.
We have collected unique and catchy powderpuff football slogans. These are inspiring, self-motivating, funny, and naughty, and can be used for cheerleading. You can customize these with your team names, or use them as t-shirt quotes.
Creative and Catchy Slogans
The girls are cute.
The boys are fine.
We are the class of
We never lose.
We either win or learn.
We may look cute,
But we don't play cute.
Where girls are jocks
And the boys are pretty.
I'm kind of a big deal.
We look pretty,
But we play dirty.
Bad to the bone.
Enough isn't Enough.
Time to get Powderpuff Tough!
Powder puff
A chance to prove that money can't make me happy!
Boys drool,
Girls rule!
Who says,
Girls can't huddle?
Real women don't just watch football. They play it!
Today is the day to blow you away.
Great going,
Girls, well done!
Come on beauties,
Let's goal another one!
You're seeing a badass girl.
Call me a Player! ;-)
We're playing a game
We're playing football.
Where's the other team?
They know nothing at all.
Don't hype on field,
You're ready to fall.
You mess with one,
You got us all.
We play with our heart, and not just feet.
You beat the rest,
We battle the best.
Slogans are not just a medium to publicize the team, but they also boost up the players to play better and better. Fetch ideas from here, and create your own slogans. You can infuse your team/favorite player's name, the team jersey's color, and rhyme them with some sporting words and adjectives to supercharge the players.
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