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Volleyball Drills for Kids

5 Volleyball Drills and Routines That Kids Will Thoroughly Enjoy

When thinking of drills for kids, the most challenging part is to make sure that they are interesting, to help children get a good grip of the game. Scroll down to know some drills you can use to teach volleyball.
Medha Godbole
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
The brains of kids who are at their peak of growth and development are akin to sponges. Whatever comes in contact with their brain is immediately absorbed. Tell them anything or teach them anything, it is immediately grasped, and not just that, they use that information in an apt situation too! That is true with whatever is told to them, and that is why perhaps they say that you have to 'catch them young'! That helps the others recognize the talent and interests of the kids too! Let us take, for instance, volleyball.
I am sure if those who are taught volleyball since childhood and seem to have shown a liking and talent in it, can definitely go places! Drills serve exactly the same purpose and help in honing the talent of the kids further. What are these drills? Take a sneak peek!
Basic Drills for Kids
Volleyball drills are meant to help players improve their game which needs them to have accurate hits and quick reactions. In addition to this, these drills should promote teamwork between the players too.
Drill 1
This drill teaches the players basics of setting. Setting basically refers to pushing of the ball straight up in the air for the other player to take a shot. In this drill, a pair can practice setting with each other, till they completely get the tricks of the trade. It will enhance volleyball techniques related to setting up.
Drill 2
This drill helps in shuttle passing. The coach can divide the children in 2 groups and then ask everyone to line up on the 10 foot line that is across the net from each other. The first person has to toss the ball over the net and then he needs to pass it back and forth over the net. The objective is to keep the ball in control and beneath the antenna of the net, that is to maintain the accuracy of the height of the pass. Once the player has done the passing, he has to go back to the end of the line on his side of the net.
Drill 3
This drill is not directly related to volleyball skills, but helps in increasing agility and overall fitness of the players. In this drill the coach will have the players jog on a specific spot on the floor. The coach has to say 'hit the floor' and when the coach says it out aloud, the players have to drop to the floor at once. The last player to go down will be held as out.
Drill 4
This drill can go a long way in developing the skill to control and shoot the ball well. In this drill, the players have to hold their hands together and then bump the ball. The catch here is that they will bump the ball with the inner part of their forearms, instead of their hand. Insist on bumping the ball straight up continuously.
Drill 5
In this drill the coach can have 2 players lie close to each other. Then the coach will hit the ball high in the court. The players will get up as soon as they hear the snap of the ball being hit. The player who was at the bottom will run for making a pass, whole the other one will rapidly move to get into a position where he can create a setting for his teammate. After this single cycle with one pair of players, there will be another round all over with another 2 players.
Good coaching depends on the coach and his judgment of the players and of course the response and caliber of the players.