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Words for Cheerleading Cheers

Peppy and Rhyming Words for Cheerleading Cheers

Ever wondered where do cheerleading cheers originate from? Often, these are only passed from one class to the next, with little or no originality. Here are some exciting chants that you could use to boost your team's performance.
Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
Cheerleaders are a source of motivation to the players and a lot of entertainment to the audience. The spirit, exuberance, and enthusiasm of the cheerleading squad is infectious. Nothing is more spirited than a stadium full of spectators chanting and cheering for their team. While cheerleading moves are often the main attraction, the chants are equally enjoyed by the audience. The words are often catchy and set the mood for the event.
It is the responsibility of the cheerleading squad to encourage the audience in singing cheers and chants along with them. The combined effect can charge the atmosphere and motivate the team to a great deal. Here are some valuable tips followed by some examples, for your reference.
Cheerleading words should be extremely rhythmic so that they are easier to chant and the audience can pick them up easily. Monosyllabic words with rhythmic couplets are easier to understand and sing along. The words should be clearly articulated without any ambiguity. Mumbled words cannot be understood by the audience, and may create chaos if they start singing as they hear them. Incorporating numbers in the chants is a good way to render a rhythm. Besides, one should be imaginative with the choice of words. Instead of chanting the same old thing for ages, you can bring in some innovation to the cheers. You should not merely substitute the team's name and colors in popular cheers. Instead, try to incorporate words or phrases that are unique to your school. This will allow the cheerleading squad to connect with the audience. Even the audience will feel a part of the whole event.
While chanting, lie on your stomach, as it will let your voice resonate from your stomach instead of the throat. This will put less pressure on your vocal cords. Rehearse the cheers well along with other cheerleading routines. Clapping and stomping while singing also helps, as it breaks the chants at appropriate places. The words should be split between the squad, so that members get some rest in between.
Given below are some sample cheerleading competition cheers that we have compiled for you. Feel free to make changes to suit the cheers for you team.
Enthusiastic and sparked with might.
This team (team name) is set to fight!
Packed with power and ready to win,
This team will never give in!

Give me a B! Give me an E! Give me an S! Give me a T!
What does that spell? Best! Best! Best!
Put us to the test!
We'll beat the rest!

Everybody up in the stands,
make some noise and clap your hands!
Get up off your seat,
stomp your feet to the beat."
Because (team name) are always hit!

Alright we're here, this year for you all to cheer!

With spirit, and energy, you know this is the place to be!
Let's go team!
We're back and ready to hear it from the stands,
Yell (team color 1)! (team color 1)! (team color 2)! (team color 2)!
Go (team name), GO!

Hey, hey it's time to fight

Everybody yell, (team color 1)! & (team color 2)!
(team name) fans let's say it again
Everybody yell, Go! Fight! Win!

Peaches and cream, peaches and cream,
What's the matter with the other team?
Nothing at all, nothing at all,
They just can't play football!

The wordings can be funny and mean to some extent. However, make sure that you do not go overboard and hurt the sentiments of the other team. Remember, the purpose of cheerleading is to encourage your team, not discourage the other team.