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Amount of Calories Burned while Playing Squash

Amount of Calories Burned while Playing Squash
Playing squash, among other sports, can help you burn immense number of calories. Here's an article that will tell you how many calories altogether does squash helps you burn...
Sheetal Mandora
At various gyms and indoor sports centers, you will find tons of sports that individuals can enjoy. Apart from the top favorites like basketball, volleyball, rock climbing, swimming, bowling, and baseball, squash is also preferred by many. Whether you are trying to lose weight, stay fit, or sharpen your skills at squash, this indoor racquet sport is fantastic. There are either 2 or 4 players in the small court which has 3 walls and a glass door. You need to be very swift with your moves, judge where the ball will rebound after smashing at the wall, and how you can hit the ball so the opponent misses it.
Since this sport is fast-moving and high-impact, it is one of the best cardiovascular exercises for anyone. Regardless of age or gender, any individual can learn and practice squash on a daily basis. Squash helps in increasing your overall strength, fitness level, and flexibility in the body. You can build your hand-eye coordination, become agile, and improve concentration level. Many a time, people have also noticed that playing squash (and other sports) can also release stress. After working long hours in office and taking care of other errands, playing squash can be a wonderful way to take your mind off other things. Apart from playing squash indoors, if weather permits, you can play outdoors as well. Since squash has so many benefits and even is considered a kind of a workout, there are certain amount of calories you can burn while playing squash.
Play Squash to Burn Maximum Calories
Calories Burned - Female
Weight (lb) Total Time (mins)
15 30 45 60
110 146 292 432 584
120 151 302 453 604
140 161 322 483 644
160 171 342 513 684
180 181 362 543 724
200 191 382 573 764
220 201 402 603 804

Calories Burned - Male
Weight (lb) Total Time (mins)
15 30 45 60
110 154 308 432 615
120 161 322 483 644
140 176 352 528 701
160 190 408 570 759
180 204 436 612 816
200 218 436 654 873
220 233 466 699 931

A lot of factors affect the number of calories you can burn while playing any sport or working out in at the gym. Each physical activity, depending on your current health condition and fitness level, will help you burn calories. But it also matters the amount of time spent doing that activity, the number of times a week, and the intensity level in which it was done. When you combine all these factors together, include will power and dedication to it, and that's your recipe to burn an incredible amount of calories and lose weight over time.
No activity, performed once or twice for few minutes will give you visible results. Burning calories is a sweaty thing, literally, and there are no quick fixes when it comes to losing weight. Now as you go over the table below, you will see that we have separated the total number of calories burned while playing squash into 2 groups - female and male. Now depending on your current weight and the amount of time you spend playing squash, the total calories are presented. Now remember, these calories are approximate calculation and they may vary from one person to another.
Wearing ideal clothes while playing squash is very important. Dress yourself in a t-shirt and shorts or skirt. As we mentioned before that squash is a fast-moving and high-impact sport, which is why, you need to be very careful as to avoid any and all injuries in the court. You will be running around in the court and that means, your knees will take a lot of stress. So if you have never played squash before, I'd suggest you take proper sessions from a trained coach or fitness instructor. This way, you can be sure to learn how to play squash, gain its benefits, and keep yourself far from harm's way.
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