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Anti-Fog Swim Goggles

Anti-Fog Swim Goggles

Swim goggles come with various features. One of the feature available with some models of swim goggles is the anti-fog feature. This feature can be very helpful while swimming.
Pragya T
Swimming goggles and mask are quite indispensable accessories when it comes to swimming. Anti-fog swim goggles are unique, because they prevent fogging of swim goggle lenses from the inside. This keep the vision clear and makes swimming or any other recreational activities even more enjoyable. However, mostly these goggles are used by athletes for training, as they can be of great help for competitions. You can make your own anti-fog goggles, by spraying anti-fog spray on your swim goggles. Also, if you have old swim goggles which have lost their anti-fog protection then spray on the lenses to make them effective again. But, in case you want to buy good quality anti-fog swim goggles then consider any of the mentioned below products.

Best Anti-Fog Swimming Goggles Reviews

Aqua Sphere Kaiman Swim Goggle ($12 - 16)
This is a great product, which has a frame made from a special material. This makes the frame extra soft and comfortable. You can wear these goggles for long duration. These swim goggles are available in clear, tinted and mirrored lenses. These swim goggles have a good anti-fog coating and the lenses also have a UV Protection. The straps on the goggles are easy to adjust, and the levers are on the sides of the eye cups. These swim goggles are made for competition, but can be use for training or recreational purpose too.

Speedo Vanquisher Plus Goggle ($13-15)
These are one of the most popular swim goggles around the world. These are affordable swim goggles which come in many types, but the Plus variety offer anti-fog feature. These are quality anti-fog swim goggles which can be used for competition or for recreational purposes. They come with mirrored lenses and tinted lenses. These are comfortable swim goggles which are easy to adjust. They also have an adjustable nose piece, which makes adjustment even easier. The lenses also offer 95% UV protection too.

Zoggs Phantom Goggle ($10 - 15)
Zoggs is another good brand of swim goggles which comes with anti-fog protection. These are good swim goggles for training or recreational purposes. Zoggs phantom goggles are available in sizes for children and adult both. These come with an easy to adjust strap, that has an auto clip strap mechanism. The frame has TPR material which makes them soft and comfortable. All these features make Zoggs Phantom goggles a good buy.

Barracuda Medalist Fog Resistant Goggle ($23)
These goggles are made especially for people who have smaller facial structure. Hence, this makes it suitable for women and teens. This goggle comes in colors like blue, smoke and clear. These goggles offer anti-fog feature which is good enough for competition or training. After using this goggle there are no face marks. Also, there is no positive pressure when you are using these goggles. These glasses are scratch resistant, which makes them even more durable.

TYR Nest Pro ($14-20)
These are great quality goggles which come in so many colors! They come with a simple and effective design, which fits nicely. This is due to the soft TPR gaskets, which reduce the red swim goggle marks. They come with an adjustable strap, which is at the back of the head. These have a wide peripheral cellulose propionate lenses feature anti-fog properties. The lenses also have a UV protection. These swim goggles are used for competition or for training.

These were the review on top 5 anti-fog swimming goggles. If you use glasses or lenses then consider buying special prescription swim goggles. So, go to a store and check out the best fitting and quality anti-fog swim goggles. If you want you can also order them online.