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Best Swimming Goggles

Best Swimming Goggles

Swimming goggles are an essential swimming accessory. However, there are so many brands and types of swimming goggles, which makes shopping for them difficult. Here are the best available swimming goggles reviews, that will help you narrow down your search.
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Swimming goggles or masks are a must when swimming in a pool or murky water. Though, many people prefer to swim without any goggles. However, this can be harmful to the eyes. Swimming pools contain chlorine, which can irritate the eyes and if there is too much chlorine, it can even cause burning of the eyes and tearing. Also, swimming in a natural water body or pool is like exposing your eyes to dirt and germs. This can give you eye infection. So, swimming goggles or mask are essential accessories to be worn when enjoying a water activity. Another benefit of swimming goggles is that they help you see in the water, which helps to swim better. Swimming goggles are especially a must for children and beginners. If you have vision correction, then you will need to buy special prescription swim goggles or get them custom-made.

Top 5 Swimming Goggles

Speedo Vanquisher: These are like 'the best' swimming goggles. They come in many types and range from USD 10-14. There are various types of Speedo vanquisher goggles available which have mirrored frame, transparent frame, and color tinted frame. These are simple and durable goggles which are great for swimming. If you want the anti-fog ones then go with Speedo Vanquisher Plus.

Barracuda Ultimate Swim Goggles: These are highly rated swim goggles which leave no marks on your face, as they have latex free rubber frames. They come with a double strap which makes adjusting them easy. These are leak proof swim goggles which comes just for USD 16 (approximately).

Swedish Goggles: These are inexpensive swim goggles which come just for USD 5. Affordable, aren't they? These swim goggles come with two hard plastic eye cups and a latex cord and a small plastic tube, and a bit of string. Once, you have assembled all these parts try them on. These goggles don't have any suction, but they come in a shape, which fits on your face smugly and gives waterproof performance. However, the price they come at, don't expect super comfort.

Torpedo Adult Omega: These are good swimming goggles which come just for USD 7. Their eye cups are made using TPR which is thermoplastic rubber that provides excellent water-tightness quality. These swimming goggles are pretty comfortable, have good ease of adjustment and have anti-fog feature. All in all, a good buy.

Speedo Speed Socket: These swim goggles come for USD 24, but they are worth the money. However, if you are on a tight budget then go with other above mentioned affordable swim goggles. These swim goggles by Speedo have a great design, which smugly fits the bone structure of the eye socket. The eye cups also rest comfortably compared to the Swedish goggles. With this goggle you get three nose pieces which makes using it easier.

Choosing Swimming Goggles

The best way to choose swimming goggles is go to a sports store and try various models and brands of swimming goggles. One should try out various frames and strap adjustments of swimming goggles to see which fits the person better. Also, look out for other features of the goggles. Many swimming goggles come with features like anti-fog, which comes very handy. Some other features you should look for are the transparent or mirror glass of the frame, adjustment options for strap, and importantly the goggle's weight. Avoid shopping online for swimming goggles, as you need to try the goggles before you buy them, to see if they suit you.

Those were few of the top swimming goggles reviewed and some tips for choosing the one that suits you. So, remember the above tips while shopping to choose the best suitable and fitting swimming goggles for yourself.