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Baseball Drills for High School

All-round Baseball Drills That are Perfect for High School Kids

Every aspiring baseball player needs to put in a lot of work and effort towards carrying out intense baseball drills. High school is a good place to start these drills, as the child is at a perfect age to start learning the technicalities of the game. Read on to know about baseball drills for high school.
Rahul Thadani
Last Updated: Feb 20, 2018
For any child wishing to play college or professional baseball, these baseball drills can come in handy. These are aimed at conditioning a person to play this highly popular and lucrative sport, and even make a career out of it. As is the norm with any other sport or profession, practice and conditioning are the only ways of getting better at them, and without some committed baseball training, a future in that respective field is virtually impossible.
The only way to develop technical abilities of the sport is to do many baseball drills. High school is usually the best place to start as the time, resources, and expertise are easily available there in order to carry out these drills. High school students, moreover, are young and enthusiastic and their bodies respond very well to these drills and exercises. The various drills focus on one aspect of the game at a time, be it batting, pitching, fielding, or just general fitness.
The importance of these drills is well-known amongst all baseball circles, and famous baseball players have been practicing them for many years with unflinching commitment. In order to reach that level of skill, a baseball player must strive to get better and constantly push and challenge himself to take his training to a whole new level.
High School Baseball Practice Drills
Some of the drills are aimed specifically at certain technical aspects of the game, whereas some drills focus on building up a player's stamina, strength, agility, and mental understanding of the game. To be a good player, all these aspects must be honed and sharpened, and the idea is primarily to get as much fun and innovation as possible, in the process.
Fitness Drills
The main requisite of a good baseball player is high fitness. If a player keeps getting injured or tired easily, it will be extremely difficult to make it big. There are different kinds of baseball exercises that can be adopted for this purpose. Strong arms and shoulders are mandatory for this sport, and running and jogging also play a major part in building up stamina for the game. For a pitcher, in particular, the arms and shoulders need to be exercised a lot more. The pitching action can cause an injury in the arm sometimes, and baseball drills can considerably reduce this risk.
Pitching Baseball Drills
A pitcher is the most important player of the team, and for this purpose he needs to be fitter than other players. The pitcher is continuously pitching the ball throughout the innings, so his arms are bound to get tired sooner or later. In addition to strengthening his arms, the pitcher needs to master the technique of pitching. The standing position, the lifting of the leg, the follow through can all be perfected with pitching drills. The success rate of a team can only be high if they have a good pitcher who can strike the batters out. For this reason alone, most baseball drills for high schools primarily focus on the pitcher and improving his understanding of the game.
Batting Baseball Drills
Ultimately, the batters of a team are the ones who get runs. The scores depend on the ability of the batter, and therefore, this is a skill of the game that needs to be developed. Hitting a baseball is more than just about blindly swinging the bat and whacking the ball; there is a fine ability and precision that's required, and this can only be learned through hitting drills. It is important to strike the ball from the knob of the bat, and it is equally important to know when to let a certain pitch go. All these lessons can only be learned with time and practice.
Fielding Baseball Drills
Fielding, in the game of baseball, refers to a lot of things. It basically implies retrieving the ball as soon as possible and throwing it to the bases in order to get a runner or the batter out. Another way to get the batsman out is by catching the ball before it touches the ground. A good baseball fielder should be able to do all these things effectively, and hence needs to be very fast and agile. All the fielding drills that are adopted aim at improving a fielder's agility and flexibility and also teaches him how to throw the ball hard and accurately.
For baseball drills, an individual needs a lot of commitment and hard work, and most importantly, a well-qualified and experienced coach. To make it big in the sport of baseball, you really need to sweat it out in the drills and become a better player, before you can even think about taking that step up.
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