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Support Your Team With These Funny and Witty Basketball Cheers

Basketball Cheers
Use any of these cheers to help your basketball team get the sweet taste of victory, and bring home the trophy this season.
Puja Lalwani
Last Updated: Mar 13, 2018
True basketball fans know what a good game can do to them. It can ignite a fire never felt before; the overpowering vibe of the audience and an overwhelming performance by their favorite team can drive fans crazy. Add to this craziness some motivating or even funny basketball cheers, and you have a recipe for the perfect game! Then whether the game is being watched live or in one's living room with equally crazy basketball fans does not matter. Cheerleaders add a lot to the frenzy of a good basketball game. Their cheers are among those elements that complete the game. Moreover, cheers and chants help encourage players to perform better, giving them the much-needed motivation, particularly if the game is not in their favor. For such times, it's good to have a bunch of cheers that will push them to victory. If you are cheerleader looking for some cheers to ensure that your team wins this season, here's a look at some great basketball cheers and chants!
General Cheers and Chants
Involve the crowd at the game, and support your team by using some of these cheers and chants.
Hoops and sneakers,
Shake the speakers!
Counting loud from one to four,
Show them how we rock the court!
The (team name) are out to score!
The Hurricanes are out to score!
This is how we do,
Shoot that ball right through the hoop
This is how we score,
C'mon give us 2 points more!
Raise that score!
Raise that score
Come on (team name)
One point more!
Take that rebound
Dribble down the floor!
Shoot that basket
Raise that score!
Two points
Four points
Six points, eight
We got the team that really rates!
Do like the army does
Shoot it shoot it!
Do like the navy does
Sink it!
Who are we?
We are the (team name)!
This is what we'll show you!
We'll show you how we dribble it,
Show you how we pass it,
Show you how
We always make a basket!
Hey team
What's the scoop?
Put that ball right through the hoop
Put it up and in, put it up and in
Shoot 2,
Come on let's win!
We got giant feet!
We're over 6 feet tall!
We can dribble, shoot, swish and that ain't all
We go Basketballlll
Here we go now
Basketballlll (repeat 2 mores times)
Team is behind.............
You can win!
Don't give in
Stay in there
Fight! Fight! Fight!
(Team name) are number 1 straight to the top,
We are the best, (team name) fight nonstop.
Let's Go, let's fight,
We're here to win tonight!
(Team name) fans
clap on "fans"
Let me hear you say
clap on "say"
Take that ball away!
Take that ball away!
Take that ball away!

Cheers with Motions
Adding motions to a cheer spices up the entire show that is put up by cheerleaders, and further involves the fans in the entire cheering process.
Rebound that basketball,
do it for red & white (team colors)!
Clap your neighbor's hands
Pull down, rebound, rebound,
pull down, rebound!
Pull down that rebound,
and go, go
Clap your neighbor's hands

Rebound that ball.
And the score goes up another notch!
Boom, Boom
Hey! We made two points
Whoop, Whoop
jump twice with hands and legs in V
Made that hoop!
Angel, Angel on that rink

Please let the ball go right in
Swish swish
Swish swish!
Genie, Genie grant my wish

Let me hear that ball go
Swish swish!
Move it,
stomp-stomp (slow)
Don't lose it,
stomp-clap-stomp (slightly faster)
Take that ball to the hoop!
slap your lap-slap your lap
clap your neighbor's hands
Take that ball away,
stomp-stomp (slow)
Take it the other way!
stomp-clap-stomp (slightly faster)
Defense attack, defense attack
Go and get that ball back!
slap your lap-slap your lap
clap your neighbor's hands

Funny Cheers
Though cheerleading cheers and chants are meant only to encourage one's team, and not insult the other, sometimes adding a little bit of humor to the game is fun. Just ensure the 'fun' doesn't go out of hand and get ugly!
If opponent missed a basket, you can sing: If an opponent misses a pass, these two cheers are directed at the player who passed the ball, and the one who missed it: When your team shoots and gets a point:
Guess you made a fumble,
Looks like you had a tumble,
You're probably feeling humble,
So just try not to stumble
You throw like my mom,
Do you think you're at the prom?
We don't mean to make you cry,
But how'd you let our man get by?
If you can't save a point, why not
Let your waterboy have a try?
Stomp, clap-clap
You missed the basket,
Stomp, clap-clap
Don't you try to mask it!
The ball's not heavy,
Stomp, clap-clap
It's not even hot,
Maybe next time,
(Stomp, clap-clap)
You should try a different shot!
You catch like a girl,
Get a baton and learn to twirl!
Make a sound like a siren
Here that siren coming round?
Tell the paramedics to stand down.
You can cancel that ambulance,
We feel good enough to shout and dance.
'Cause we just got another chance,
Our team just made a recovery!

Using these cheers at the right time can have the deepest impact on the game, and can motivate the players enough to save the game. Have fun while performing these cheers, and propel your team to its much-deserved victory.